Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Ok almost a year ago I bought an eeepc. I was looking for something bigger then a PDA (got me a big one of those now, love you Sparky) but smaller then a laptop, and the eeepc just seemed to fit the bill. I got it early when they were just coming out in Australia, back when linux was the only option. This was not a problem as my then boyfriend is a linux fanatic so I was getting great encouragment to give it a go. Anyway my eeepc just started giving me problems, after 3 calls to the support centre, being told just restore to factory settings (so glad I not have important things saved on it) which didn't work, the guy said ok you need to re install your os, from your thumb drive. No big deal easy as pie. Then I asked important question.

Where will I find the os to install it.
On the cd
An if I don't have the cd (I am packing up my life, my room is a mess)
You'll have to get it through us

get it through us ='d this is going to cost you.

There is one thing I have learned about linux programs that I really like. They do not cost. I think I have used about 3 differnt sorts of linux... an not paid a cent for it. Sure they going to possibly only charge me freight, cd cost an man seconds required to do it but why can't they just point me in the direction of a download. I already let drop that I wandered into the bios to try an fix the problem (possibly shoulnd't have said this.) so I might have a small idea what I am doing... maybe.

Oh well looking on the internet, found a download for an os that will do the trick, not the origianal, but I think I am ready for a change. Will let you know how it goes after I make space on my usb stick... hope work doesn't see the files while I temproary move them across to make space. Spose it dosn't matter if they do, I quitted, 6 days to go.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

to quit or not to quit

I am currently in a state of unable to make a decision.

Do I quit my job a month a head of when I had intended and focus totally on my study an do a top notch job on my assignments that would make a perfectionist proud?

Or do I stay at my job save an extra $1200 and then move straight up to Brissy an look for a job with the qualifications I managed to bum through with?

Whilst I managed to get my last assignment in I was not happy with the work I did, so I am not sure I am going to get all the work done to the level I want, and this is the stuff I will use as part of my portfolio when go for job interviews.

I no no what to do. Both options are kinda good an really as good as each other. One mean I have to disipline myself to do the stuff, the other means my job is going to irritate me and get in the way....

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Well I finally did it. I had the conversation that you have been encouraging me to have for a very very long time. I sat down with my mother and told her how bad our relationship was, these where the area's I saw that needed being fixed and if the relationship did not improve that the current relationship was not going to be permitted in my home.

The conversation started at about 6pm and didn't end until about 10:30.

In the end I am not sure the out come of the conversation. As she has told me she is not sure that she can talk to me at all because she'll be so worried I'll take it the wrong way because I am so super sensitive. But she did hear the consequence of not making an effort to treat me properly.

Anyway we'll see how it goes, one down one to go. Self centred pompous spoilt little bitch next.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

non capesci

It has finally happen.

I knew the day would come when someone would ring my mobile and say.

"Hi, I am from (insert long boring name here (one your mother signed you up to as a kid so you could make money)). We are doing some market research..." (I take a breath to say I am unavailble) "Do you have children"

See you in a week!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Non Parlo

I've been thinking, whilst I am a etiquette conscious snob (I even have the penguins book of etiquette to prove it) it has come to my attention that people within my acquaintance have been braking the carnal rule of etiquette, the one they tried to teach us as children.

If it is not nice it shouldn't be said.

In the shopping scene I have seen it regularly. I was benefited to view a workman in a meeting with a potential client. Body language aside (which was overbearing to say the least) the client was down right rude. He told the workman that the work he required was most important task he would receive all year. He told the work man when he would turn up and what he would do and how long it would take. He told the workman how many people he had to send to do the job and told the workman that he had to turn up as part of the crew. When the workman politely tried to get out of the job (also body languge left out (he was like a tiger in a trap)) the workman was told I have seen your work, we have decided on the price and I want to see you there tomorrow morning.

To me that was rude. He was demanding a service from someone. A service that someone else provides for you should be requested. The person does have the right to turn you down, the fact you are paying them does not give you the right to demand and tell them how to do their job. If you think about it, why would you want to do a good job for someone that is rude and unpleasant?

I was out shopping the other day an stopped in at woollies to grab a few things. We got to the check out and my companion exclaimed to the woman at the counter. "Why did you get rid of the rail an make people join separate queues. it was much better the old way." She replied tersely, "We are getting self service soon so it doesn't matter." I had hoped that was the end of it, but as I picked up my purchase my companion retorted "Self service will be just as bad if not worse".
"What did you say that for?" I hissed under my breath as we left. "If people don't complain they won't know"

Particularly in this case the sales woman did not care one hoot what my companions complaint was an neither was she likely to pass it on. All her complaining did was make the sales lady hate customers and want to get home even more (This being what I would want). In the case of big stores the best way is to keep your mouth closed an shop else where. If people ask why you can say you do not like the store. Sometimes you will have to choose between convenience and what makes you happy, but it's your choice.

I received an email today. "I received a picture of (insert name here). He looks old! I don't look like that do I?" This same person has also waited for a wider person to get out of ear short (not always) before saying "Look at that woman, I am not as fat as her am I?"

Low self esteem is not an excuse for bad manners. If you have to wait for the recipient to be out of ear shot before you say anything. You obviously should not be saying it. Particularly in this case you do not know who is listening an what you are doing to their self esteem or their image of you. This also goes for comments and unsolicited advice mentioned the other day "These are great products to help you loose weight so you look great on your wedding day" and "He's a great guy he loves her for her personality even though she's fat".

I think I have rambled on enough about what I consider to be rude behaviour long enough to bore you an consider my bad manners by airing these examples

Monday, 8 September 2008

Mi Sposo Grande

I am not sure if everything is going crazy or if it is just me.

People are dieting like crazy around me. I even have one of my bridesmaids dieting like crazy so that she will be thin for the wedding (at current size she'll be getting a size 10 dress) an some of my many mothers also. I even had one person quietly take me aside on my engagement party weekend an show me some crash dieting products that will help me loose weight.

I have been undressed and laced up in cupcake dresses by total strangers while they and my mother sit an talk about how nice my fiancée is because he loves me an wants everyone to see us get married despite the fact I am fat.

When it came time to plan my wedding, I decided I had enough stresses to worry about without including stressing about the .002 kilo's I had put on this week. Would much rather think about how intelligent men want fatter wives because they are better capable of giving them intelligent children.

It's tempting to create a t-shirt that says:

I am a

on the front
I'm not

on the back.

Looks like I not only going to be the shortest person in the bridal party but also the widest!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Avoid the baked beetroot!

I'd will dye all your internal processing units purple!

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Fucking Freaking Bloody Fathers!

IF it weren't that they come with the package deal of creating you! Who'd have them?!?!?


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Mi Sposo

Well finally I can take a short break from wedding creations.


I am supposed to make another wedding registry tonight. But the first registry is now up and accessible. Invitations are supposed to get put together on the weekend (Must get wax) Church and Reception is booked an deposit paid. Photographer has been lined up (Must pay him deposit an 6month instalment)Got to get the bridesmaids dresses Purchased (We getting mighty close to the dead line). Junior Bridesmaids dress needs to be found. Need to ask family member to make dress for flower girl and get a pattern to her an material.

Need to get grooms suit, an arrange suit idea for grooms men so they can go measure up an what ever they supposed to do. Need to take junior grooms man and Pageboys suit looking.

Need to arrange flowers, got to find florist. Need to book cake and find cake topper. Need to arrange pre wedding photo's. Need to talk to pet store.

Need to get job. Need to get house.

Need to go to engagement parties, Kitchen tea.

Need to arrange to get pattern an material for my own dress for dressmaker.

Have to listen to mother whine about her figure an how she has to get an out fit for the wedding. Have to listen to Mother an Sister whine about my father an his involvement in my wedding. Need to kick my fathers arse!

Need to find person to give me away.

Need to go to Marriage cousoling...

Never mind. No break yet. Only got a few more months....

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


It is official that I am part of what makes little boys wet dreams

Not knowing when boys actually start, it is difficult to know how influential I am being, but what I thought was perhaps a once(/twice/third) off occurrence, is somewhat quickly turning into a regular occurrence.

"I've seen it in magazines and on TV but look it's real. Mummy Mummy a girl on a motor bike!"

Yes they can tell I am a girl, I played peekaboo with one. He'd yell "Hi Girl" an I would look and he would duck behind the door. While his brother in the front seat was trying to scramble over his mother to get a better look. I suppose it is the flashing long red hair that gives my gender away, as my clothes would just distinguish me as fat person, and well the only bikers that have long hair have a motor bike with a deeper guttural sound then mine an their hair is grey an often have a beard to match, an a receding hairline.

I highly doubt that I am personally in their spank bank. The description of awesome, look at those head lights and tiny tight bum. I want to caress those handle bars and straddle that engine. The would actually be talking about the bike not me. But when you see them piling up in the back of a car, 4 or 5 deep, you know that you've got their little engines running.

An as my bike has a somewhat alien appearance about it. I've fulfilled not one but 2 fantasises. A girl on a bike in an alien planet. So The boys that like cars Tonka trucks an stuff with engines, and the boys that are die hard star trek fans are both taking the concept to their wank banks for future use. (this is assuming that they haven't started at primary school age.)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Varrom rom rom !!

My bike (also my buffet in the back ground). Never fear, this is not what the garage at my home looks like. This is in fact the inside of my house (the back room). My mother got parinod upon it's arrival that someone would steal it from around the back of the house while it wasn't insured. If someone had braved the wilds of the side of our house, they deserved to steal my bike.

(This is no long the case as I have beaten a track through to get out every day).

I finally made the whole trip to work today. In the wet. I must say I had forgotten what cold could feel like at 60k's an our. But I felt confident an figure for my 3rd drive anywhere I did quite well. Still tend to wobble a bit when I take off, and I hate that slow siddiling up to the car in front that cars do at traffic lights, but other wise I am on the road (I am the one in a purple an yellow lakers jacket on a red bike (I suspect I stand out))

Just got to convince my Fiance to get his license an we can go on a scooting road trip.

Mio Marito

Just in cases you don't believe me.... Yes I know bad quality picture, but you try taking a picture of a beautiful shiny ring.

It's gold with a black opal (that is the sort that to the untrained eye look white) with a little diamond on either side. Not your usual engagement ring I been told, but I like it lots.

Ta Mio Marito

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Mi Sposo

Please hear a a huge sigh of relief, almost from the moment of my engagement I have had one song going round an round an round my head, an dispite the fact that posts saying I am engaged are only a few weeks old, as of 10pm Saturday night coming, I have been engaged for a month, so you can imagine that having the one song in your head whilst somewhat cheery can be a little insane making.

This is what I have been hearing:

"I'm getting married in the morning
Ding dong the bells are going to chime
mmm hmmm hmm mmm
mmm hmm hmm mmhm
Just get me to the church on time"

If you have never heard of it it is from my fair lady (If you have I am impressed by your culture have you seen Dr Dolittle?) I downloaded the song planning that perhaps that would remove the song from my head... cross fingers it will work

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


For those of you who did the married thing already or are contemplating doing the married thing Please explain something to me.

Bridal Dress = $2500
(Prices are based on the dress I liked best)
Bridesmaid Dress = $250
(Price based on dress my mother an sister like)

Out fit going to be worn once in your whole entire life = Priceless....?

I am not in a Mastercard ad. In fact I don't even have a Mastercard. How do you justify spending that kind of money on a one day event. Especially when if you are like me an look at your wedding dress an think, afterwards I want to cut up the dress an make dedication outfits out of it for my babies.

I thought I would have a crack at making a veil last night contemplating actually useing it becuase even though it is going to be a lot of work it actually looks kinda nice, and will heighten the sentimental value, be able to smile at ever pin drop of a brown stain knowing that was my blood that I lost creating it. Hand sewing every stich and pricking myself with the needle every other.

So why don't I make a dress to go with it? I know how to sew, why not?

I look at the cost of if I made it myself

dress = $200 (guestimation)
veil = >$30

I realise my time has a price on it but I am sewing for myself there is pleasure in that for me. An I doubt my time price would make up for the differnce in costs.

so why do I want to Spend 3 grand on a dress when I could spend $250? An if I am spending 250, can I ask the bridesmaids to spend the same on their dresses?

Thursday, 24 July 2008


I quit... to much drama not postable without me sounding like a Bridezilla (It's not everyday you see a bride stamping her feet that she not want that dress it's to much money!)


I got a motor bike license

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Mi Sposo

I'm getting married...

just thought I'd let you's all know.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sono Sono Sono

The count down hasn't barely even started an everything I imagined is happening as I suspected it would.

I'm being forced into socialisation, going to an event I am not interested in going too, because my time with a person I do not like is fast coming to an end.

Shopping spree's are being thrust into my every spare moment. I hate shopping especially for dresses and shoes. Also hate even more going shopping with certain people who believe they have a right to choose my outfits.

An once I found something I like, I have absolutely no interest in visiting more shops to see if I can find something I like better. No I won't regret not shopping around, I never have before.

I don't actually care what you are going to wear an I tired about hearing how your going to spray paint your hair so you don't look so old. Deal with it your old.

Life must be made easy for you and your family, care given to their thoughts and feelings. But you won't lend consideration and understanding to others.

The desire to stamp my feet and scream are becoming more an more attractive ways of dealing with the situation. How ever I am trying to be an adult an thus very aware that that kind of behaviour is not fitting of a person my age. So I will reign in my behaviour and limit myself to a slight retraction of the nose and polite 'no' next time you pull a gaudy sequinned laden atrocity from the rack. But in this tiny little space you can not see just let me say.

"IT'S NOT ABOUT FREAKEN YOU!, It mine and Who/What/Where are my decisions very glad of your input but seriously. It not a time I want to look back on an continue to say to myself I hated it all. It's not only the conclusion, it's also the run up too it that matters. I will draw a line I will make you cry and I will stand there as you call me a rude selfish cold bitch an suggest that I am lacking in purity if I have too. But you haven't even bothered to give positive comment, so why should I treat you any less then I might a bank manager?"

Monday, 7 July 2008

Io Io Io Io

"Hi it's my birthday"
"Congrates, look at my hair, my boyfriend dumped me, My job sucks, I have spinach in my teeth"...

No! No! No! No!!!!!

Pause take deep breath, focus.


I am a nice polite person, but I didn't tell you my good news so I could listen to you talk about you for the next few months. I want to talk about my party an the dress I want to wear and the cute boy I want to be nearest me when I cut the cake.

I realise now that you are visiualizing an attention starved person standing on a soap box with a microphone stamping their little foot. An if you weren't you are now.

Note:This is a work of fiction, any real life events or people it reminds you off was purely an accident.
Warning:One day there will be a test.


Talked a few nights back with a class mate from Italian; about how sometimes you are curious about things, you'd not do them but you wanna know what happens etc.

He was curious to know what it would be like to be bitten by a snake (a poisonous one) - He actually got his curiosity fulfilled, immense pain I believe does not cover what he went through.

Another class mate was curious to know what it would be like to break an arm (I to am slightly curious).

I want to know what would happen if me and a mate drove side by side down a 2 lane main road at a speed of 20k's during peak hour. Would we create our own little procession? Would there be loud obnoxious joyful honks from the cars behind? Would people pass us on the wrong side of the road? Would we be published on the radio helicopter traffic reports? Would police get involved?

Any other people have desires that are kinda odd that they likely not find out about?

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

io moglie

Posting will continue after this short intermission.
Quality should remain the same;
Your interest level might lower;
frequancy likely to continue with the same irregularity.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cioa, buonanuotte

My life as we knew it ended 9:00pm Saturday 28th of July 2008. I am now free to pursue interests of my own while I wait in limbo before my permanent move. I suspect hot and humid places, some call this place hell, others heaven.

My term in limbo is 6 months, minus a few days for good behavouir. The count down has begun, to eternity, where my heart is.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


I've been told if I get married anywhere else other then Sydney, the majority of my family will not attend...

Kinda shows that my existence, happiness and importance in my family is slim to none. Kinda puts into my mind that I am not just imagining my insignificance, but rather it is a reality.

I do admit I can think of members of my family that whilst I would invite them wouldn't come, but then their children married and we didn't even get invited. So honestly it is no skin off my nose. My mother is determined to have a large showing of family, but really I don't think I could care. If they can't make the effort to be my family and be there for my celebration of happiness, I don't think they should rate on my scale of importance either.

I'd already decided this in the case of a few individuals in my family, why can't it go for all of them? A good reason or goodbye....

Monday, 16 June 2008


I've been repeatedly requested for a new post so I thought I would show you my newest interest.

Doesn't it look so yummy... almost to yummy. Closets I'd come to eating a real pig (Vegetarian alternative).

An look at the lunch boxes options for the more adult type female in us. Male and child alternatives are available see j-box for more. The blue box is 7x14x8 cm and it is in 3 parts. a bottom section able to carry 250 ml and the middle section able to carry 330mL with a tiny section up the top to fit your chopsticks (these are Japanese chopsticks, smaller then Chinese) imagine how much food you could fit in there!

If your answer was not much I'd say exactly. Look again at the first picture. It's small lunch box with healthy food. They even have broccoli in it! And it is colourful, so your getting a good range of all the foods you should be eating. It dosn't have to mean you'll be eating rice every day, coming from a diverse cultural cusine I don't think I could eat rice all day everyday; but I could have pasta or curry or Chinese... Even pizza somedays, provided it is cut to fit and that it isn't the only thing in my bento box. Type bento into google and look at some of the creative bento's that people have packed.

That pink pig at the front is edible. believe me or not. It's a hard boiled egg. My creative juices are flowing over all these creative options. As well as my taste buds.

I want time an greatful people to make bento for.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Parlo Italiano

Gradually bit by bit I am learning to use my Italian in more then just selective groups of words. I am beginning to learn to put together my own sentences. All with the help of my verbs. Up until know I never considered verbs to be so important, but that might partly be because I never considered words such as am, and have and are as verbs before. Anyway I will show you what I can now write all on my own.

Ho una sorella, due madre e uno papa. Una Madre ha due figli, una figlia e uno figlio. Non mia sorella e fratello. Mio papa e una madre vivere in americano. Mia nonna paterna e chiamata Marge e mia sorella Lisa. Il nostro cognome e Simpson.
If you translate that you will read I have a pope. this is due to the fact that daddy in Italian has an accent over the last a. I don't have accents for my letter a's. Also there a lots of and's interchange them with is where it makes sense an e with an accent is an is and an e without is an and. Oh an figli can mean kids, doesn't have to be just sons.

An out of class sentence for your amusement.
Togliti i pantaloni. Voglio succhi il tuo pene.
Beware the resturant that drops the n. You want penne pasta not pene.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Avete quanto necessario per diventare il numero uno?

I've been thinking for a while that there are times when it is kind of required that you have 'special' people in your life for specific rolls in your life from this point in my life on. People to witness signatures, people to sign registries, people to organize my will after I die and people to be 'god'parents to my potential children. At the moment I dunno who I would put in those roles. So I thought I would create a form for you to fill in and let me know why you should have a special role in my future.

Your Details
Sex: M F Yes

Quality of FriendshipLength of time you knew I existed:
Quantity of years as friends:

Personal ArgumentReason you think you should be given high ranking positions in my future life in 25 words or less:

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Che e il loro papa?

Lets play who is their daddy? I would like you to meet my 4 children
The Twins -Dominique and Conrad (aka Con&Dom), Peter the IV and Powerfat.

Dom likes picking Daisy's and playing The Sims 3.
Con likes his tricycle and wants to be a computer programmer.

Peter the IV loves to swim and paint his brothers teddy pink.
Powerfat likes to play wow and watch cartoons. When he grows up he wants to be a ninja just like Naruto.

The question I put towards you is who are their daddies?
Due to the marvellous technology provided by face book, Powerfat and Peter the IV where birthed by their fathers.

Monday, 12 May 2008


That is it! I am going on Strike!

I am not going to do anymore then the bare minimumn until the program I implimented to make everybodies lives a little easier by showing the all the information in the same place, (an not exceptionally unique idea) and also keep track of all the orders is being used. Orders are constantly coming through that do not have their information there and people expect me to find the details that they know in their heads.

I am tired of tracking down emails that have the shipping address on it which could have been copy and pasted straight in. I am tired of searching the white pages for companies that aren't in there, because you didn't spell it right in the first place. Or trying to remember what person a sample is supposed to go to when I don't talk to your customer and not done anything for your customer in anyway shape or form and thus will never be able to remember because it is not to be found in my head!

Your Chinese I am sure you understands this one, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" If you don't start drinking I am going to pull your head under and hold you there till you drown! In main I made this program to make my life a whole lot easier but over all it should make every bodies a whole lot easier because we won't be losing clients and you can stop blaming me because an order was incorrect. Are you afraid people will discover how incompetent you are?!?! I already know and your no smarter then the rest of them! So whilst I would fire you, they won't so you will keep your job.

I realize your all a bunch of lazy arses and the idea of entering data on a client is a pain, but if you do it this once you can send stuff to the client as many times as you want after that and guess what; you don't have to enter any more details, unless there are changes like they moved address, then it a tiny adjustment.

Also Why can't you remember your ABC's?!?!? You learnt them in preschool! Easy as ABC, 123 and Do Ra Me! All the little tabs in your folders that say the alphabet letters on them, you don't have to be a genius to figure that if it says A you put all the company's that start with A behind that tab, same for the B's and so on!

An while we are at it STOP LEAVING YOUR QUOTES ON MY DESK! If you put your quote in the program I wouldn't need to see it for a start. 2 it ends up on my desk for months and months with no home no owner and is just a big giant pain! I WILL THROW THEM OUT!

Lastly, I might be the receptionist by title but I am so much smarter then you, so stop blaming me when things go wrong! Else next time you stuff up your computer I am not going to help you! An if you continue to whine (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) I am going to slap you and tell you what I think of you and that is "Go get a computer class, computers have advanced since 1982. You now work for a small company thus we don't have the money for big out of house created programs. Pull your head out your arse and learn to use other programs other then outlook and stop complaining that the program isn't working, it's not working because your an idiot. You are lucky to have me and I am only learning computers in a serious way, but I have a long fuse and excellent temper and I WILL TAKE IT OUT ON YOU!"

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Attention All Cooks!

May I introduce to you the new age of computer technology in the kitchen!

Ok so it isn't actually in existence but dude this is going to be the best thing ever!

Close your eyes and imagine your nice clean tidy kitchen, the world of your ultimate yummiest creations. The room in the house that sustains lives! Now imagine a little thin lcd screen type box on your wall that cooks your meals!

Now open your eyes, are you interested or even slightly curious, what is this marvel?

Actually I hate to put a small pin in that marvellous dream, you'll still have to do the hard work, but this box will make it so much easier. Welcome to the NGK (Nerd Geek's Kitchen) and her newest toy the 'CookBook20,000'!

It consists of waterproof, heatproof, touch screen containing all your recipes. You can plan your weekly menu's in advance, get an accurate shopping list, contain a calendar of household activities and adjust the recipes to only make the required amount. Also tells you when to start cooking the veggies and/or other accompaniments so that everything finishes at the right times. It will keep a list of specific household members likes an dislikes ingredients or dishes. It can give you vegan, gluten free or vegitarian dishes at the press of a button for those more fussy guests. Cooking will be a breeze.

It will have voice activation, so you can say next and get the next step in the recipe while your up to your eyeballs in instant porridge. Small inbuilt printer to print out that shopping list for you to take to the shops. Wireless internet connection, to download new recipes other then those it came with (recipes on it will come from who ever endorses the product (Please please please Woman's Weekly)) Think Itunes for cooking!. A 'laser' keyboard is inbuilt into the base to light up the bench below to enter those secret family recipes handed down through the family.

Say good bye to the accidental spillage on your cookbook rendering the book totally destroyed and unusable. Say goodbye to searching for hours for the page that you like that fell out of the book. Say good bye to the beetroot stains that make a 6 cups look a lot like 8 cups.

I need feed back on this goldmine of an idea! Your input please!

Please note this is my idea an I will sue if you steal my idea!

My Library

If you glance down on the right hand side, there is a large green box (not the one that says Italian help) filled with books and a link to 'My Library'. I realise I am being very forward and presumptuous but if you follow that link you can view a wish list (along with all the books I own eventually) for all the books movies games computer software that I want. Should you ever be stumped for a present to give me.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Materiale Ragazza

Likely I should have posted this post of interest Monday week ago anyway, due to certain circumstances I have discovered I am not woman of material possessions. I have possessions but I am not desperatly attached to them.

The past few days I have been talking to cops and insurance people, because my car got broken into and I lost my GPS (Simon I miss you) and a very expensive bracelett.

Presently it looks like I will get replacements, or cash for both items, but I did not know this when the event occoured. I had no emotive reaction to it at all, except for don't tell mum about the bracellett. I knew I was up for a lot of money when I replaced it all (my claim is for $2000 you can see how much my bracellett was worth)), but I wasn't distressed about it.

Explains why I'd love to just pack the things I wanna keep (ie books, computer and bed (actually that is about it) and just leave all the other shite I 've surrounded myself behind an start from scratch.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Il problema dei traduttori

As you know I have a slight fascination with learning Italian. I go to Italiano Scuola (Italian School) every Thursday(Giovedì) night. I am learning, an likely I can speak better Italian then I can write, and as long as I can remember the Italiano sounds and not the English I can read it pretty well, even if I got no clue what it means. So sometimes I find myself wanting to write Italiano messages, or cheating on my homework and I find myself back at the google translators. The more I learn the bigger I want my sentences to be and the broader the topics. It is gradually working less and less.

I wrote:
I thought I would write an tell you a naughty story. I want to put you across my knee your cock between my knees, and spank you hard with my hand on your bare bum.

The translator returned:
Pensavo che scrivere un raccontare una storia maliziose. Voglio metterti in tutta la mia ginocchio il tuo cazzo tra le mie ginocchia, e si spank duro con la mia mano sul tuo culo nudo.

Translated back to English:
I thought that writing a tell a story naughty. I want to get across my knee your cock between my knees, and spank hard with my hand on your ass naked.

By the end I not sure what is happening any more... I know what is happening, but I don't know enough Italian to make sure it is right with out translating in an out. Admittedly I am sure the story could have been amusing, an erotic short story with a heavy accent and terrible gramma

Narnia - principe Caspian

I am counting down the days to the start of Narnia's Prince Caspian. I love the Narnia stories and the first movie has finally achieved my expectations for how it should be produced. One story I won't have to produce myself one day.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Makeover in Progres

Putting my learning into practice... maybe... be back soon

Monday, 28 April 2008

Money Sucks Eggs!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Huston we have a problem

It is not fair... totally totally not fair. The Sims is advancing and I don't have all the expansion packs yet!

is here and I am not ready!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Wedding Presents

Occasionally I chance to dream, on last night was just one occasion.

Last night I dreamed I was getting married. Not such a big deal, except that Richard Branson was giving me an my fiancée his Virgin Mobile Phone Company for a wedding present. Not a store which to sell them from.. but the whole entire company!

Was very very nice present... except neither me or the fiancée knew anything about running the company. He wouldn't take no for an answer an just started giving us an idea of where things were at an what we had to do... which by the way was pretty much nothing.

Anyway I woke up, pity... would have been lots of money...

Monday, 14 April 2008

Thanks for all the fish

My recent article in the edge has created quite a commotion in my family. I won't tell you how horrid cruel and vindicitve my family is; apparently that is me.

So if you have positive friendly comments on reading it feel free to comment about it to me. If not send my sister a consolidatory sms/e-mail.

if you do the latter please don't return here.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I have decided that getting full marks in me xhtml homework is an impossibility. My last lot of homework had me really in a tis. I had everything written right; but the table (the homework was on tables) was not doing what it should. I even had my favourite tutor working on it with me. Finally we got it to work, and doing what it should. We validated an made sure all tabs where closed an all apostrophe's in. it validated so I handed it in.

I got it back last night, I only got a 9 out of 10. An I still not sure how I lost the marks. There were 2 comments on the page. 1 was be consistent I'd written ="3" which was fine... but right next to it I had written ="5px" (they both mean the same thing with or without the px) the other said align.. 'insert more'... is not a style, I knew that, but it was only doing what I needed it to do when it was a style. Did I mention these 2 comments are over 3 pages. Both comments were on one page, an if a page is worth 3.333333...(recurring) a whole mark is really really a lot to loose.

Maybe she dosn't like me because I don't listen to her 'teachering' in class. I don't want to sit for an hour bored out of my brain when I could be coding my class work, and my homework an get out before 9. I don't want to have to listen to 'I don't know all the time'... I swear it is like her favourite statement. I wanna pass the course (preferably with a high distinction) get my piece of paper, move and get a job that pays better then this one

Monday, 31 March 2008

Luci, macchina fotografica, azione

You know I been thinking.... I would like to start a tv series. no I don't watch one; I mean make it. Not that I am a particularly big advocate for sevi tv, but I would really like to have a tv series on there. I want to be director/writer, I already know they story it would tell I've wanted to see it on a screen for many many years... an it would kinda be like home and away meets little house on the praire. An whilst i know that there would be likely legal matters involved and lots of money, I want to do it... problem is, I don't have a camera (other then the one on my mobile (which isn't really the sort of thing you want for this)) and I don't have a crew, or a cast... in fact no experience in lots of what would be required.

It would be a regular program geared more to the early teen, with a spiritual message. But with a lot of focus on making the program as good as regular tv as possible....


Thursday, 13 March 2008

Critter County

Someone has wreaked my childhood. I realised to day that despite my over bearing imagination my childhood has vanished! I'm only 25 where could it have gone? Someone must of stolen it!.

In my trying to remember the books I own for my library I remebered books I used to read as a child (that I don't have anymore). One such book which has ever since disappointed me was a Critter County book, Pretty sure it was the 'Words can hurt' book. There were other critter county books but this one has dissapointed me ever since when I have lost something.

Critter county was a little book about talking animals. Sydney the Squirrel was the main character and he always solved the problem. This story was about the kids going to the sports store and how a baseball glove went missing and the lion got blamed. An lion said he hadn't taken it. So Sydney went back to the store and found the glove in a corner leaning on a de di di da star. An everyone got in trouble for saying unkind things to the lion.

Anyway, I ever since I have always been so positive that every lost item is resting on a de di di da star (possibly more then one picture book encouraged this) and ever since I have been disappointed because when ever I find my lost things there are no de di di da stars...

I want a de di di da star.


I started a library record today. It isn't what I want, but it will do for now until I get a proper library data base (aka linux and Koho). You can view it if you like, Here, if you like. there isn't very much there atm, I am at work so it is only what I can remember. Lots more should get added over time. I have lots and lots of books, and dvd's for that matter. I do loan, but they are loans I want them back so I very careful about it as I have had to replace books that weren't returned.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Volete sposare me

I watched Gilmore Girls last night. In fact it was the last one I have. The last few minutes of the episode had Logan asking Lorilie's permission to marry Rori. (If you don't know the characters it doesn't matter for this post, just note boy asks mum to marry daughter).

Now normally I am an old fashioned sort of girl; but I would seriously consider turning down the guy that asked me if he got my mothers permission first (or my sisters). I don't know why but the idea of them saying sure go ahead an worse knowing about it before me appals me. I am not my mothers subject, an I really don't have the best of relationship with her anyway.

My mother (an my sister I fear) believe it is their right to be asked. They also believe it is their right to be heavily involved in my wedding, that it is their right the wedding be held in their area, their right to be in the bridal party (mostly sister here). They also seem to think they will have free rights to my children. I can't say that these to people have ruined my life, but I can say they haven't made it the most pleasant journey thus far, and I don't want them heavily involved in my death do we part relationship. Asking their permission is like opening the door waving a white flag and begging them to be involved.

I am not asking for them to be completely cut out of my life, sadly it isn't even possible (though it would be nice sometimes). Just I would really like them to be hindered and shown the boundries, an I would almost consider it an act of traitorship, for the potential husband to ask permission, he'd be undermining the boundaries I want to set. You can always loosen firm boundaries, it is much harder to tighten them up later.

There are 2 wonderful reason to moove 1000 k's from home; 1. the object of my affection is there (most important), 2. My 'parents' can't turn up unannounced.

Accendere la luce

All week the lights on the street at school have been turned off. On Monday I figured it was a one off, but as I not a big fan of walking in the dark, and walking past an small empty park a public pool and down the side of a railway track where there are lots of cars but is mostly disertated, having little light to see by doesn't make a lone female feel most comfortable about the situation.

It isn't a power issue as all the stores have their lights on, an I doubt for that many lights to be off that it isn't blown light bulbs (and if it is when the council office is on this road also, it is disgusting they should get something done about it).

Monday I called Sparky while I walked, less creepy talking to Sparky when walking in these situations. Tuesday, Sparky was up to his eyeballs in work an I was not parked to far away so I braved the dark alone. Last night I was little cockier and walked just smsing back an forward.

Still I think the street should be re lit asap. Just because a police station is also on the opposite side of the street does not make it any safer for me. They have their lights on so They probably can't see the oppisite side of the street if something was to happen.

Monday, 10 March 2008


I went to the RTA this week. You may remember me wishing that I never have to see them again last time I went there. My thoughts have not changed.

I went to get my green p's on Monday. Passed the test (despite the fact that I took out a motor cycle(hazard perception test... it was not a real motorcycle)) Paid money had new photo taken. Then waited like 1.5 hours for my license to be printed. Initially they got it jammed in the printer. Then they lost it. Then I got it.

Did however see the spoilt brat of the century. Little girl decided as her brother walked to her mum to burst into tears which included an attention seeking noise. When this got no instantaneous result ripped the head off her barbie and hurried after her mum tears in her eyes holding the dismembered doll up to her mum. Don't know if the brother got in trouble but she is going to be a real shite.

Anyway I digress. There were 2 calls on the answering machine (she ran out of rambling space the first time) this morning. Error number one THEY WERE ASKING FOR MY SISTER!!! The talked about the problem I had the previous day getting my card. It had to be me they were after as my sister is to far away at present. They were saying they gave me the wrong card. Great I been driving all yesterday with an invalid license.

Went in to the RTA which they switched my card for an identical card. Saying if I tried to use the card I could be in trouble. How the hell am I going to get in trouble? Do you have to swipe your license to get into pubs now? Do you swipe when you get put in gaol?


Posso commettere il reato prima?

Well my weekend went swimmingly. I cooked pies with a small group of kids on Saturday night. Which went really well an they were so yummy. Also went an got fitted for a new 'party dress on Sunday.

Participated in a family photo shoot on the Sunday also, though I was seriously not in the mood. Let me relay my reason for not being in the mood.

Saturday afternoon ventured in to existence with the return home, from a morning out, of my two family members. This started with their pounding on the door to be let in. This is their custom every time they are out as they would rather be waited upon and answered by a servant then bend their arm at the elbow so that their forearm is parallel with the ground put a key in the door and open it themselves. I would dare to suggest the pounding (and subsequent yelling if you don't open it before they pound again(Even if you answer in a towel soaking wet covered in soap and the shower running upstairs you'll get yelled at)) would use far more energy and time then finding your own dam keys.

The youngest of these two then proceeded to help herself to my freshly made practice pie. This was closely followed by the elder. Ignoring that I might have wanted to take it to show the kids what we be making or that it might of been saved for tea, or even the simplest courtesy of asking if they might. Ignoring that politeness would suggest that they comment on the article in a positive light before pointing out that the fluids of the pie had not been made thick enough. Leaving that they ate almost all of it in one sitting as the only suggestion that it was liked.

This was followed by a discussion of a friends wedding, a friend of mine, who's manners and life style they do not approve of. A topic that grates on me terribly as these people are my friends and I don't judge them on their choices, but I am criticised for my friends behaviour.

If your wondering where I am getting to this is the crunch. The younger family expects I will be just like them. She thinks I am sleeping around (this has been adjusted to sleeping with one person) and up to my eye balls in sex. Thus basically she called me a whore, when asked if this is what she was calling me, she said yes. This is closely followed by the elders opinion of me. Not yet actually calling me a whore to my face, but an incident recently where she decided she was coming into my room. Despite being told that I was changing barged right in (yes we have a problem here) myself covered in whatever I could grab (luckily that was a sheet, offers all over coverage.) Then as my computer was on, accused me of showing my breast to the internet.

Thus perhaps you can understand my non photo shoot mood on the Sunday. Especially as the photo's were supposed to portray 'happy loving family' I'd rather shoot myself.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

ti amo

Today is the day that makes this whole year very very special. Not that it is the extra day of February that only shows up every four years. No today is that day that means this year any girl can ask a boy to marry her, no matter how much of a traditionalist he is.

If you have a guy that you have desperately been hopping will ask you the big question but it has not happened. This year you can nail the slippery sucker down and ask him yourself. This year you don't have to get pregnant to get him to make an honest women out of you. If you have been wondering why your man has been cowering in a dark corner all year thus far this year, it is because he knows, and he's frightened. He knows his woman knows before he does that the two of you are matched an suited for a life together in marriage. He knows that if you ask the right answer is yes. But he doesn't know it is the right decision yet.

So find your man drag him out of his dark corner and pop the question. Catch him off his guard. Happy Leap Year!

Note: no men where hurt in the making of this post. Do not use this post as a valid reason for asking that man you like to marry you. Even the author is ignoring this advice.

Side point generally people ask people they are dating to marry them. Strangers on the street people you are stalking or have a silent crush on should not be victims of your lust and desire to tie the knot.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Nerd lussuria

If one can find a back up soul mate; without offending the first; I think I found him. Rands in Repose, is his name and I been rifling through him all morning, mostly trying to find a flaw in our compatibility, I have not found a flaw an now I think I am in love.

It was The Nerds Handbook that first had me hooked. This was followed by Nadd wich was closely followed by the cave. Or was it the other way around I don't remember any more. If I thought reading The nerds handbook would have any positive affect upon my relationship with others I would make all the people that 'care' read it, as it won't I won't specifically send them to it. He makes me proud to wear the title nerd. I have meet a number of nerds to different degrees of nerdidity, an his descriptions of us have us warmly classified and understood.

I have also finally discovered what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a free electron. I'm not sure if I have the natural ability for it, but there is a chance I could mould my stubborn streak to be head banging on break wall enough for it. Check with my mother but I think she would say I have the temprement for it.

If you want to read more about my new love you will find him on the right. Rands e riposo if you still rusty on your Italian.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Principessa senza pisello

As we all know things can't go perfectly right all the time. I got my bed yesterday, it being a flat pack requires assembling. So I have put my new mattress on the floor (with the plastic it come in underneath to protect it) an after putting a fitted sheet on had a spacious nights sleep. So Spacious in fact that after my narrow stretcher bed, I woke a few times completely disorientated, but it was nice to stretch out my arm an not be able to find the edge. being so wide there was 2 pillows side by side, so I let my mobile phone sleep on the other pillow (no we don't have a relationship going on it is my alarm clock (yes I know people would normally rather kill their alarm clock then sleep beside it)) that way I could find it in the morning.

This morning I went and looked at the parts of the bed frame. first thing I noticed was I could see which parts were what and there was a really cool slat marking style done on the side pieces. If you can say 1,2,3 or a,b,c you can put this bed together without a manual. That was when I noticed a small problem. There was no manual or warranty (very important of late as all my warranties are being called up lately)... Then an even smaller delemia but totally enormous on the scale of putting the bed together. There were no screws.

Tiny tiny tiny little screws (ok so probably not that tiny) and nothing could be done with all these enormous bed parts until I get them. I have contacted the bed people and now I await to hear back from them.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Vita di aggiornamento

Update on my life;

My bed is arriving today, sadlly I won't be able to put the base together until Sunday; but at least it is around to look at an know that is just involves me making time to put it together; but i does also mean that tonight for the first time in a long time; I will have a comfortable sleep with lots of space to spread out. (No I do not plan on gaining weight so that I can make use of this extra space). The question not is; do I put the green sheets on the bed; or the red ones?

I am not a god. Pulled apart my computer last night with the computer doctor. Amazingly considering the noise and the smell and the taste and the flash of light nothing was black or melted broken or gooey. In fact if you take out the power supply and the graphics card and put in a substitute power supply everything runs like it should. Though as the substitute power supply didn't have enough connectors my dvd drive is currently out of commission. Now to chase up warranty replacements on the 2 parts so I can have everything back to normal

I bought a corset on the weekend. A real one with metal boning. Was really quite comfortable. I can really pull my waist in a lot smaller then I can breath in. Will take practice to lace it up myself though. On wearing it for most of yesterday afternoon made a few discoveries. Driving is not necessarily a skill that the corset allows for. Yes I can do it, but I think the practice required to pull it off might be a little dangerous. Movement is generally not to bad... sitting is a new experience. You have few alternatives for sitting, non of which is the comfy slouch that is a much favoured by our culture now days. in fact; you sit so upright and straight, that your hands have trouble reaching your lap. Unlike when you slouch it is your elbows that almost reach your lap. Still thinking with practice and a slave to lace me up, maybe it might be a nice change from modern day underwear.I bought it at Gallery Serpentine is really quite a cool shop If you are ever buying for my I am a 15 (might want to check with the store as to what measurement that is).

That about sums up the update of anything remotely interesting. Could count the number of pimples I currently have or the number of times I have blinked whilst writting this post but I won't.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sono dio

Last night due to certain circumstances somewhat out of my control, I might of turned myself into a god, but I am not sure how to check.

You see if one believes that the world was created by a big bang, then really we are suspended with in someone much bigger then us's computer. Let me explain I was having some issues last night with my computer. You remember the big sexy one I built (with my brothers help) anyway there was issues and one thing led to another big bang huge flash of light... an ta da! I am a god.

ok so we already know the god thing is a bunch of crap, but the bang and the light (and the smell and the taste (of the air (I am sick I can't smell give me a break(mum smelt it))) (wow that so felt like xhtml all the nesting and closing tags) and the little puff of black smoke; that is all true.

:( I blew up my computer! :(

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Morte riscaldato

Today all I can think about it is engorged body parts, opaque body fluids, warm fuzzy thoughts, and breathlessness.

Hoping I no need to tell you to get your mind out of the gutter (who do you think I am?). I am sick (again) I have engorged tonsils (think golf balls, now put 2 in your throat at the back of your mouth (now try breathing). Opaque body fluids think puss coming from these tonsils and snot running from my nose. Warmth is the fever I am running, fuzzy imagine your head filled with cotton wool.

Aren't I sounding like the most sexiest female you have ever imagined in your life? I am self medicating in a serious way i.e. aspirin for the pain and headache (did I mention I am also suffering a coffee hangover) and berroca to counteract the drowsiness that I get from the aspirin. I think it is a sunny day; but the light hurts my eyes.

note: only myself was hurt in the making of this post. Do not stick golf balls down your throat. For a limited time my tonsils are on display in my throat. Plans to remove them should go under way after June, see them while you can.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Il lavoro è terribile spreco di tempo

Chipmunks rock. Got some of their songs to entertain while I toil at the grindstone of pointless work. Man my job sucks.

Definitely looking for a loophole or a clause that gets me out of this place. I here for the money...

Sucky sucky sucky job, where I am constantly doing pointless taskes. Entering data into a database no one uses. Chaseing up outstanding accounts where I am to tell someone we no longer send them out stuff till they pay up. But I have no authority for that to stick... everyone sends them stuff anyway... seriously some people owe lots of money.

Trying to do things they need (which probably won't be used anyway also) but no time to do it in. Even when they ask me to do it because I am doing sucky sucky stupid pointless tasks! I is loyal to a fault... but is sucky stupid no English place... I better then this... I want out... out out and away! NOW!!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Blu luna, Auto rapina

Blue Moon

You saw me standing alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

Blue Moon

You know just what I was there for

You heard me saying a prayer for

Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms will hold

I heard somebody whisper please adore me

And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

Blue Moon

Now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms will ever hold

I heard somebody whisper please adore me

And when I looked the Moon had turned to gold

Blue moon

Now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

Blue moon

Now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own
Gush gush gush.... I like that song been in my head all morning... over and over it went though I had the words wrong... "Blue moon... I saw you standing alone... without a dream in your heart... with out a love of your own..." still works I guess.

another note; I can break into my own car. Definatly a good thing as I have forgotten my keys in the car a few times already. I am sure the NRMA is about to start charging me to let me back into the car (if they aren't already). Might have to temproarily perminantly tattoo car ownership on my arm or something so people don't call the police. Next step... start thecar with out keys? maybe? what you think?

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Cupido è in carcere per tentato omicidio di milioni

Rose rosse sono; Viole sono blu Questo è così stupido; Ma ti amo

The hippies have taken over my school. Yes I am kinda all for the saving the world and reducing my footprint on the earth, but seriously food does not taste as good when your throw away fork is bamboo/unlacquered wood/solid recycled paper. Plastic is recyclable, I would rather eat from something that doesn't absorb the taste of my food before I get it into my mouth. It is a cafeteria so most of the flavour is gone already. I don't want to pay $5 to eat food that tastes a lot like cardboard, and chew on cardboard that tastes a lot like food.

While on the subject of school. I started my web design cert 4 course. been good so far, I finished all the excersises before everyone else in my classes so far. In fact I was so speed last night I finished a 4 hour class in 2 hours. An so far I still know what I am doing and understand it all. Either I have seriously underestimated what I already know, or I am presently being lured into a sense of achievement and cockiness, just so they can whack me on the head with a text book when I am not looking. So far I don't need a text book, just an adobe suite package... I'm looking at $400+

My last little complaint about school. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me something else to work in other then notepad (as in the standard one that comes with windows os). It's a school teaching web design you'd think maybe they might have notepad ++ at least that counts the lines for you and you don't have to manually count them to find the error.

On a good note, I love my Italian classes... first word they checked to find out we knew was 'vino'. Not expecting I will need to use that often. Still can't say 'I am unwell and think I am going to die'. But I can say 'cosi cosi'... it isn't 'I am great thank you' at least.

Happy V'day btw... Ma ti amo sesso Sparky.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Ha una penna

At the beginning of the age where time was not marked the Anthialians and the Phiatias's were one people under one king. Till Phiatia proclaimed herself a goddess and decided she wanted to be ruler instead. So a great battle broke out in the realm of the gods. The semi gods were forced to pick sides. Some chose to follow Phiatia the rest followed Anthialian, under the king. The battle was heavy and many lost their lives; but in the end the Anthialians prevailed. The king banished Phiatia and her followers from the land of the gods to a small world on the border of reality, where a small family of humans were beginning to multiply.

There the war continued....

Welcome to the beginging of the prologue for my novella 'contest/challenge'. A realm of semi gods, demi gods and full strength gods; and a lovely little place we like to call home. The story is about a semi god whose job is to protect a human girl called Melissa; but Melissa is considering joining the Phiatia's, only she doesn't know it. The humans can not see the Anthialians or the Phiatia's and have no idea what is going on around them and what is their involvement in bringing the end of the war.

Police/Editors want women Raped

I wrote this title in English because I really want to make my point an I want you to be sure you didn't miss a thing. Today as I was reading the paper on the train I noted a really small Police warning on the inside column of a page.

Women do not walk around late at night alone. A woman got raped in northern beaches guy still at large. (very rough paraphrase you get the idea).

This was all printed next to an almost full page article with pictures about kids being taken away; big sob story look their presents are still waiting to be unwrapped. Whilst this warning was in a gap about an inch wide and a little over an inch long In average writing with only a little more then bold print. Neither was it at the top it was squished part way down. As the news paper owner demonstrated (thus my inability to tell you exactly what it said) in the exact spot you put your hand to hold the dam paper together (really newspapers should spend a few cents on staples).

Since there is even an puny warning in the paper I can assume that the police asked for it and don't want to find you crying with snot running out your nose and pants around your ankles. So is it newspapers that don't actually care about everyone around them. Instead of informing us that we should be careful when we go out at night; for our own safety, this is squished around a gigantic sob story which whilst interesting really has no effect on our personal lives except convince us more and more that DOC'S have their wires crossed. In fact I think that the paper would rather boarder on defamation then tell us how to keep safe. If we're not safe, they get more stories.

An people wonder why I hate news papers and News reports. they don't actually give a shit; they just want a story.

Ladies do not go walking around alone at night! just because it says 4am there for morning dosn't mean the curfew is up. If it is dark outside, don't walk alone outside. Take a protective companion, husband, boyfriend, brother, father, mother, sister friend, gaggle of girls or a big dog with teeth and sexy growl.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Se mi amate ... Acquistare me una pasta maker

Since no one is around to tell... I will tell you. Guess what I am having for lunch. Yeap that is right home made pasta with garlic, olives and chilli sauce. Can you say yum?

I've been making pasta sauces from scratch for ages (I cheated with the sauce if you ever see it in he shops seriously get it it is really really nice it's a stir through sauce so look at the little bottles), but I've always really wanted to make pasta too. Well today with a day off I decided to try my hand at it. Yes it needs some tweaking but other wise it was really quite nice. I do not however have a pasta maker, you know those little machines that you put the pasta dough through, so I cut it into strips by hand. If doing it yourself seriously make teeny tiny strips, the stuff swells (not exactly sure why). So I am off to buy myself a pasta maker... it tastes better then packaged stuff and you can experiment with different things after you can make it well (like grinding up mushroom and putting that in the dough, or grind fresh basil in it). Also you don't eat as much before you feel full.

yum yum yum... I might become a good cook yet... :P

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Avviso di pensare in corso

well you already know that i am a somewhat hair brained little imp sometimes. An this is no exception. on the weekend (yeah that really nice long one we just had). I tried to inspire a competition between myself and one of my brothers. Both of us have written articles and been published an during the conversation I issued him a novella challenge.

10,000 words which must secretly incorporate all the members of the famdamily. Not an excessively small challenge. An I didn't even take the smart approach and challenge him after I had an idea for it. He did accept, though usually he likes to have a rethink so I e-mailed him to ask if it was still on. presently I am now fired up about it... problem is, no idea what to write. Any suggestions?

I believe the famdamily are all going to read them and make a decision about them,an try an find which of the characters are them.

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Thursday, 24 January 2008


I think that my work is looking for my replacement. An I haven't been fired nor have a quit. Been answering a few phone calls lately that are inquiring about the clerk/receptionist job they saw in the Chinese newspaper. I already seen them hire a new warehouse man (before they moved out the one that they had) and they just hired a new sales rep while they old one is still here (I haven't the heart to tell him he's being moved on), so sure why can't they do it to me? I don't speak Chinese so I have no clue what is going on any more. Perhaps I am paranoid; but I do know there isn't enough work for two of us. I think I am being moved on...

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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Venire condividere il mio letto

Was looking at bed covers for my new bed... here was an idea I found amusing... This also could be a heap of fun. This is interesting though does someone know what mingerz means? All this from a simple google search. I know which ones I would likes... but I still live where I do that might cause problems with that selection... I can't find something I like yet maybe I have to make one, then it can be the right colours.

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As you know I like to modify my blogs to personify me a little more. I am defineatly not a template that you pick from a very short list. So well ta da. Still more to do obviously but it is a start. Quick note to people who decided to use xhtml for these blogs, xhtml sucks like huge time. If you seriously want to make it that everyone has the same blog, would you consider giving the non code minded a few more options... just a thought....

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Cravatta a me nel nastro isolante, baby

I so badly want to do this. I don't have a sewing dummy and honestly I don't think a sewing dummy was ever designed with my figure in mind. Sides I think I would like to put arms on my dummy... my arms always give me problems without fits... either that or I am developing an early onset hunchback. I have seen this before but I dunno if I got anyone that would wrap me up in duct tape and then cut me out of it. This is also limited by the number of people I would feel comfy in displaying a large portion of my skimpily clad body too. Would also like to have dummy's of people I might sew for, then I can fit clothes to them without them moving, stick pins in them with out complaints and do it when they are not around.... Any hands up for assistance or being a dummy model?

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Bagno di Rinnovamento

Once I have my bed, bedding, mirror and curtains in my room (the desk area will have to wait I think as I am not to sure where to go from here); plus have all the rubbish thrown away. I think it is time to move on to my new project. This new one has just started recently to scream for someone's attention. My bathroom, well the one I use being as it is not my house and their for not mine (you may have guessed that I have had that lecture numerable times) an I am about to lavish upon it some of my loving devoted attention.

Having just had a tiling problem corrected there will be no changing those. Not changing them makes it much less work for myself, and create one less problem to be discussed with the home owner, Also I quite like the tiles (considering the tiles chosen in other parts of the house). Post my room, this bathroom was the brightest room in the house. It has bright yellow tiles white walls and white sinks, bath and toilet and all the cabinetry is white also. The majority of the stuff is still usable no reason to throw them out. there are 2 main things that bug me the most. The cabinet is falling apart (almost literally while I look at it) and the taps don't match and are old. It also desperately needs a coat of paint and for the windowsill to be repaired in someway so that the water damage is at least disguised.

I know I might of sworn never again to paint a room... but this is a smaller rooms. Sadly though it does have cornices still. The bathroom also has this horrible beer glass screen around the bath; which despite putting pressure on the home owner about getting it replaced the owner does not seem to want to budge. suggestions on arguments to get rid of it are called for.

Is an idea anyway maybe I move before I do anything about it.

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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Camera per due

I bought it!!!! not the bedsides (yet) or the tallboy (not pictured)(yet) also didn't buy the other display stuff around it; but in 4-6 weeks this is MINE!!!! Also bought a matress so I can sleep on it as soon as I get it. Yay Yay Yay!!!.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Pensate strumento cintura e un cappello duro ... Nient'altro.

For a while my room renovations have been stagnating a little. With the possibility of my bed arriving on the near horizon, (as in I am going to go put at least a down payment on it tonight). I really should pull my finger out and do something about the rest of the room.

I have a large number of boxes I have not unpacked yet; I figure that they are never going to get used so I am pretty much going to throw them out as is (I have to go through them I know there is a family heirloom in there I have to keep. Also rescue any miss 'packed' books). These need to be removed so that there is room for the bed (Yay a bed!).

I also need to make my curtains. whilst my beautiful sari is making a pretty temporary curtain; it is shear and actually seems to make my room look smaller.

With the curtain issue also comes the cabinetry issue. Initially I had planned on getting a friend who builds cabinetry for a living to give me a quote and get him to build if for me; but as he can't even finish/fix the kitchen he built for us, I really don't want to be screwed about. I unfondly refer to him as the Penis King. So perhaps I will have to build the things myself. Little medicine cabinet for the window; desk with draw (contemplating putting in a locking cupboard too), shelves and clothes rail. To do this requires power tools (ok so it doesn't but I don't have the patience not to use them) maybe that is what I should have asked for for Christmas from Santa; not that 'he'd' let me have them anyway. A power jigsaw; and drill might be a good start or even a basic kit would be great. (odd that that site is actually making reference to valentines day... isn't that ages away?).

I should make a plan... something like
  1. Get rid of boxes of junk, return all lost books to bookcases
  2. Make curtains and put them up
  3. Destory cupboard innards and paint
  4. Go to Brisbane (non related)
  5. Build cupboard innards
  6. Install new innards (Bed arrives!)
Wow that actually lines up quite well... though I will probably be a pauper mouse by the end... Especially with Brisbane trip and valentines day just around the corner (I looked it is actually quite close...scary) What I would give to sit on my arse an snap my fingers and have it all done for me. I can probably do weekend 1 and 2 at least... the cabinetry will be a big job an lots of money... an I want power tools... mmm... there is an idea... anyone have cupids address?

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Monday, 7 January 2008

Vacanze sono oltre

Thought you might like to see a few pics from my holiday... in no particular order; here we go.

Look closely and you'll see a mummy and a baby quokka (no that is not a spelling mistake)

The light house on Rottnest Island (I quite like this pics)

Fishies seen from a boat (Made you a little dizzy)

Day one on the train (my sister)

Cook School Play Area Rules (though I am sure you can read that for yourself)

Sparky (couldn't help not add him... suspect he will disappear though so look at him while his hot, BUT NO TOUCHING!)

These were all taken on my phone so please excuse the quality

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