Monday, 31 March 2008

Luci, macchina fotografica, azione

You know I been thinking.... I would like to start a tv series. no I don't watch one; I mean make it. Not that I am a particularly big advocate for sevi tv, but I would really like to have a tv series on there. I want to be director/writer, I already know they story it would tell I've wanted to see it on a screen for many many years... an it would kinda be like home and away meets little house on the praire. An whilst i know that there would be likely legal matters involved and lots of money, I want to do it... problem is, I don't have a camera (other then the one on my mobile (which isn't really the sort of thing you want for this)) and I don't have a crew, or a cast... in fact no experience in lots of what would be required.

It would be a regular program geared more to the early teen, with a spiritual message. But with a lot of focus on making the program as good as regular tv as possible....


Thursday, 13 March 2008

Critter County

Someone has wreaked my childhood. I realised to day that despite my over bearing imagination my childhood has vanished! I'm only 25 where could it have gone? Someone must of stolen it!.

In my trying to remember the books I own for my library I remebered books I used to read as a child (that I don't have anymore). One such book which has ever since disappointed me was a Critter County book, Pretty sure it was the 'Words can hurt' book. There were other critter county books but this one has dissapointed me ever since when I have lost something.

Critter county was a little book about talking animals. Sydney the Squirrel was the main character and he always solved the problem. This story was about the kids going to the sports store and how a baseball glove went missing and the lion got blamed. An lion said he hadn't taken it. So Sydney went back to the store and found the glove in a corner leaning on a de di di da star. An everyone got in trouble for saying unkind things to the lion.

Anyway, I ever since I have always been so positive that every lost item is resting on a de di di da star (possibly more then one picture book encouraged this) and ever since I have been disappointed because when ever I find my lost things there are no de di di da stars...

I want a de di di da star.


I started a library record today. It isn't what I want, but it will do for now until I get a proper library data base (aka linux and Koho). You can view it if you like, Here, if you like. there isn't very much there atm, I am at work so it is only what I can remember. Lots more should get added over time. I have lots and lots of books, and dvd's for that matter. I do loan, but they are loans I want them back so I very careful about it as I have had to replace books that weren't returned.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Volete sposare me

I watched Gilmore Girls last night. In fact it was the last one I have. The last few minutes of the episode had Logan asking Lorilie's permission to marry Rori. (If you don't know the characters it doesn't matter for this post, just note boy asks mum to marry daughter).

Now normally I am an old fashioned sort of girl; but I would seriously consider turning down the guy that asked me if he got my mothers permission first (or my sisters). I don't know why but the idea of them saying sure go ahead an worse knowing about it before me appals me. I am not my mothers subject, an I really don't have the best of relationship with her anyway.

My mother (an my sister I fear) believe it is their right to be asked. They also believe it is their right to be heavily involved in my wedding, that it is their right the wedding be held in their area, their right to be in the bridal party (mostly sister here). They also seem to think they will have free rights to my children. I can't say that these to people have ruined my life, but I can say they haven't made it the most pleasant journey thus far, and I don't want them heavily involved in my death do we part relationship. Asking their permission is like opening the door waving a white flag and begging them to be involved.

I am not asking for them to be completely cut out of my life, sadly it isn't even possible (though it would be nice sometimes). Just I would really like them to be hindered and shown the boundries, an I would almost consider it an act of traitorship, for the potential husband to ask permission, he'd be undermining the boundaries I want to set. You can always loosen firm boundaries, it is much harder to tighten them up later.

There are 2 wonderful reason to moove 1000 k's from home; 1. the object of my affection is there (most important), 2. My 'parents' can't turn up unannounced.

Accendere la luce

All week the lights on the street at school have been turned off. On Monday I figured it was a one off, but as I not a big fan of walking in the dark, and walking past an small empty park a public pool and down the side of a railway track where there are lots of cars but is mostly disertated, having little light to see by doesn't make a lone female feel most comfortable about the situation.

It isn't a power issue as all the stores have their lights on, an I doubt for that many lights to be off that it isn't blown light bulbs (and if it is when the council office is on this road also, it is disgusting they should get something done about it).

Monday I called Sparky while I walked, less creepy talking to Sparky when walking in these situations. Tuesday, Sparky was up to his eyeballs in work an I was not parked to far away so I braved the dark alone. Last night I was little cockier and walked just smsing back an forward.

Still I think the street should be re lit asap. Just because a police station is also on the opposite side of the street does not make it any safer for me. They have their lights on so They probably can't see the oppisite side of the street if something was to happen.

Monday, 10 March 2008


I went to the RTA this week. You may remember me wishing that I never have to see them again last time I went there. My thoughts have not changed.

I went to get my green p's on Monday. Passed the test (despite the fact that I took out a motor cycle(hazard perception test... it was not a real motorcycle)) Paid money had new photo taken. Then waited like 1.5 hours for my license to be printed. Initially they got it jammed in the printer. Then they lost it. Then I got it.

Did however see the spoilt brat of the century. Little girl decided as her brother walked to her mum to burst into tears which included an attention seeking noise. When this got no instantaneous result ripped the head off her barbie and hurried after her mum tears in her eyes holding the dismembered doll up to her mum. Don't know if the brother got in trouble but she is going to be a real shite.

Anyway I digress. There were 2 calls on the answering machine (she ran out of rambling space the first time) this morning. Error number one THEY WERE ASKING FOR MY SISTER!!! The talked about the problem I had the previous day getting my card. It had to be me they were after as my sister is to far away at present. They were saying they gave me the wrong card. Great I been driving all yesterday with an invalid license.

Went in to the RTA which they switched my card for an identical card. Saying if I tried to use the card I could be in trouble. How the hell am I going to get in trouble? Do you have to swipe your license to get into pubs now? Do you swipe when you get put in gaol?


Posso commettere il reato prima?

Well my weekend went swimmingly. I cooked pies with a small group of kids on Saturday night. Which went really well an they were so yummy. Also went an got fitted for a new 'party dress on Sunday.

Participated in a family photo shoot on the Sunday also, though I was seriously not in the mood. Let me relay my reason for not being in the mood.

Saturday afternoon ventured in to existence with the return home, from a morning out, of my two family members. This started with their pounding on the door to be let in. This is their custom every time they are out as they would rather be waited upon and answered by a servant then bend their arm at the elbow so that their forearm is parallel with the ground put a key in the door and open it themselves. I would dare to suggest the pounding (and subsequent yelling if you don't open it before they pound again(Even if you answer in a towel soaking wet covered in soap and the shower running upstairs you'll get yelled at)) would use far more energy and time then finding your own dam keys.

The youngest of these two then proceeded to help herself to my freshly made practice pie. This was closely followed by the elder. Ignoring that I might have wanted to take it to show the kids what we be making or that it might of been saved for tea, or even the simplest courtesy of asking if they might. Ignoring that politeness would suggest that they comment on the article in a positive light before pointing out that the fluids of the pie had not been made thick enough. Leaving that they ate almost all of it in one sitting as the only suggestion that it was liked.

This was followed by a discussion of a friends wedding, a friend of mine, who's manners and life style they do not approve of. A topic that grates on me terribly as these people are my friends and I don't judge them on their choices, but I am criticised for my friends behaviour.

If your wondering where I am getting to this is the crunch. The younger family expects I will be just like them. She thinks I am sleeping around (this has been adjusted to sleeping with one person) and up to my eye balls in sex. Thus basically she called me a whore, when asked if this is what she was calling me, she said yes. This is closely followed by the elders opinion of me. Not yet actually calling me a whore to my face, but an incident recently where she decided she was coming into my room. Despite being told that I was changing barged right in (yes we have a problem here) myself covered in whatever I could grab (luckily that was a sheet, offers all over coverage.) Then as my computer was on, accused me of showing my breast to the internet.

Thus perhaps you can understand my non photo shoot mood on the Sunday. Especially as the photo's were supposed to portray 'happy loving family' I'd rather shoot myself.

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