Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cioa, buonanuotte

My life as we knew it ended 9:00pm Saturday 28th of July 2008. I am now free to pursue interests of my own while I wait in limbo before my permanent move. I suspect hot and humid places, some call this place hell, others heaven.

My term in limbo is 6 months, minus a few days for good behavouir. The count down has begun, to eternity, where my heart is.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


I've been told if I get married anywhere else other then Sydney, the majority of my family will not attend...

Kinda shows that my existence, happiness and importance in my family is slim to none. Kinda puts into my mind that I am not just imagining my insignificance, but rather it is a reality.

I do admit I can think of members of my family that whilst I would invite them wouldn't come, but then their children married and we didn't even get invited. So honestly it is no skin off my nose. My mother is determined to have a large showing of family, but really I don't think I could care. If they can't make the effort to be my family and be there for my celebration of happiness, I don't think they should rate on my scale of importance either.

I'd already decided this in the case of a few individuals in my family, why can't it go for all of them? A good reason or goodbye....

Monday, 16 June 2008


I've been repeatedly requested for a new post so I thought I would show you my newest interest.

Doesn't it look so yummy... almost to yummy. Closets I'd come to eating a real pig (Vegetarian alternative).

An look at the lunch boxes options for the more adult type female in us. Male and child alternatives are available see j-box for more. The blue box is 7x14x8 cm and it is in 3 parts. a bottom section able to carry 250 ml and the middle section able to carry 330mL with a tiny section up the top to fit your chopsticks (these are Japanese chopsticks, smaller then Chinese) imagine how much food you could fit in there!

If your answer was not much I'd say exactly. Look again at the first picture. It's small lunch box with healthy food. They even have broccoli in it! And it is colourful, so your getting a good range of all the foods you should be eating. It dosn't have to mean you'll be eating rice every day, coming from a diverse cultural cusine I don't think I could eat rice all day everyday; but I could have pasta or curry or Chinese... Even pizza somedays, provided it is cut to fit and that it isn't the only thing in my bento box. Type bento into google and look at some of the creative bento's that people have packed.

That pink pig at the front is edible. believe me or not. It's a hard boiled egg. My creative juices are flowing over all these creative options. As well as my taste buds.

I want time an greatful people to make bento for.

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