Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Windows Dumb Arses!

I bought a nice cd this afternoon. Lots of soft sweet songs that I like. Anyway took it back to work to put it on the computer so I can listen to it when I am there. Well the problems that has 'caused. I have always considered windows to be the idiots operating System and that that idiots are taken into account when Windows is designing their stuff. Well this is not to be the case in the use of Windows media player. what I bought was a double cd, so I put the first cd and it ripped the cd; the names and everything matching (I was to find out this wasn't the case but I will get to that). Then I put the second cd in... it ripped but the names didn't change; suddenly there was John Farnham singing your the voice and windows media claiming that it was westlife singing you raise me up; and you raise me up by westlife was no where to be seen. Got that kinda sorted out then looked at the titles... there were 17 songs on cd one as usual; but song 3 and 4 weren't there; there was however 2 songs called I hope you dance. and a song that wasn't even on the cd; and Last I checked my spelling (yes I am aware I can't spell) throw was spelt without a U, it is spelt T-H-R-O-W not t-h-r-o-u-w!!! grr grr grr; once I got cd 1 sorted out I discovered that though when I put cd 2 they showed the song titles for cd 2 now; they still had the artists of the cd 1. I was so fed up I ripped it as is but so irritated what moron put that together?!?!

I consider myself to be some what computer competent, I wonder what someone not as skilled as myself would do. Honestly it is a bloody mine field someone might die. So much for idiot proof.

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Soft Chocolatey Goodness

The Heavenly goodness of profiteroles. Not as healthy as Caramel apples but just as yummy. You can fill them with savoury or sweet, or even have them empty. The biggest and best profiteroles I have ever had are by Pie in the Sky in Erina. They are so good you'll almost never find any there. So you got to get in early or make a special order. For delicious bite sized profiteroles; you can't go past the french Kitchen in Castle Hill. They sell party foods for doing your own catering. So they come in a box full of them in 3 different types; don't let the white topped ones fool you; They are deliciously yummy. If you find yourself in possession of a box, I dare you to stop at eating just one... wait I will be nice you can have one of each flavour, bet you can't do it you have to have more! In fact I feel like I would like one right now...

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Pretend voyeristic god

Please my sims from left to right; Karina, Peter, Kathryn and Glen. They all started uni together. Karina studied to be a scientist; Peter to be natural scientist; Kathryn to be a chef and Glen to be a police man. They had a marvoulous time studying so they could get better chance at their chosen profession.

Some had a better times then others; for instance Kathryn was regularily know to break out in uncontrolable sobbing for no apparent reason. They tried to burn down their home twice the second of which pushed the some what difficult and grumpy Glen over the edge where he did the chicken strut tohelp him recover. He never really did recover from it though and was occasionally seen to have a realapse where he thought a bag of flour was his baby.

They did how ever graduate finally; much to my relief and have moved out into their own homes to start grown up lives of marriage, jobs, woohoo, babies and much more. Stay tuned for another update of what they get up to in their adult lives.

Monday, 29 October 2007

frustration building

I am getting very irritated at the moment; and not by thing people are doing. About a year ago I went to the doctor, I was always tired. I was absolutely positive that he was going to just tell me I needed more sleep. He told me I had a small allergy to dust (explained the constant sneezing and sore eyes whenever I cleaned my room) and my iron was slightly low. So I was put on a run of iron for a month. No big deal, things seemed to perk right up I was awake again.

Problem is it is back I self medicated with a few runs of iron and nothing. The iron isn't helping, in fact these days I feel like I don't have the energy even for emotions. I know I am very happy at the moment. The feeling that the other shoes is about to drop has gone away and I am very content, but except for exceptional excitement I don't feel it or even express it. An when I do it is like being on coke (the drink) and panadol at the same time again. Admittedly without the low afterwards.

In the back of my head I think there is something wrong. I am eating right (even got a nutritionist handling that) and i am getting enough sleep. I am also happy and content not something I have generally felt before. But how do I snap out of it? What is a doctor going to do? From what I can tell there isn't anything physically wrong with me.

Did I mention caffeine seems to help; but the after effects of that are horrible.

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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Heaven on a stick

When I found this website today I thought I had found heaven on a stick. And well almost I have. Caramel apples, Yummy sugary yummyness on an apple. It is like the perfect balance between health food and junk food. As a child these were forbiden delacasies that you almost had to bribe a parent for. It is the best way in the planet to eat an apple; and you can do it with out being the dork eating an apple on a stick. You can get hard toffee apples too usually in green or red, they are nice too; but I like the soft chewy caramel of a caramel apple best. I don't see them around to often sadly; but right now I would really really like one... Anyone know where i can get one in Sydney?

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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Splish Splash!




Ok so not that much, enough to paint my room, in all the colours... I have the white green for the roof 2 litres matt sheen. Green for the walls 4 litres in matt sheen and poinsettia red for the cornices and window 2 litres in a low sheen. Isn't it great!

I still have half a room to pack up but I am going to have so much fun on Sunday. Plan A stay on task. Plan B get kicked in the butt if I get distracted and don't finish what I started, can't sleep in the spare room for ever, other people wanna stay there too.

Also picked out my bed last night; very nice now to choose a mattress... they did try to convince me I want this really nice one that was $999. There was a very good reason it was the price; so very comfy, but I only need a basic comfy one. I had the one I have for like 23 years; so I would find a cheap durable one quite suitable.

Fun fun fun room has now had money put out for it so it is officially under way at last!

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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Peeling Paint

Not sure whether I have been paid any attention too, but I finally got a little off my chest today about a friend that has been bothering me for sometime. In one view I quite possibly ripped shreds from her and made sever emotional damage if I have; I would apologise, but I don't think I would be sorry. Someone was going to have to say it at some point preferably before she did something completely stupid. An I am that long standing stupid friend that gets fed up with it and asks kindly for them to pull their lip over the head and to please swallow.

I tried to be kinda but I was kinda tired of holding my tongue so I might of done it a little unkindly. But the facts as I saw it were as such an I figured she needed to know. I would love to be able to say I been there I done that; but I can't. When I was there doing that I knew why I was. I still have no clue about why she does it.

Hopefully I haven't made things worse for other people around her. I was trying to assist, not make things worse.

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Monday, 22 October 2007

Me Smarty Pants; you Jane

It has been a long while since I have bothered to sit down and watch some tv. Last night I found myself with a little extra time and thought I might sit in front of the brain musher and see what was around. I watched criminal minds, and I didn't finish it. I decided when all the penny's dropped and they were chasing the bad guy and the chick went alone into the big bad dark shed that I didn't want to know what was going to happen. Yes it is tv there is almost always happy endings but I didn't wanna know just in case.

Decided now that I don't think regular tv is good for me. I need to be able to stop it when my imagination gets carried away with me. Me and TV probably haven't always had a very good relationship. I am not separate from the story shown in the TV I am in it... so if the character is nervous you can beat my heart is racing and I am wishing I could hide. Last night was the first time I have turned it off probably not very good for my imagination; usually I have to watch it to the end so I know it is over and all ok. If I don't watch to the end my imagination tells me the bad guy is still out there and gonna get me.

Anyway slept with the light on just in case... feel like silly small child but you do what you got to do. on a good note.... DHL says "keep an eye on your package"... maybe it is my twisted little mind that say's I don't have a package but I'll watch 'his'... is this voyeurism selling?

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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Better Start

If you are wondering about my state education at the moment you might be interested to know I have not yet finished anything since HSC (and even then I didn't try and finish that it just happened). So therefore you will be interested to know I am still one assignment away from completing a statement of attainment in writing (it is on my unconnected computer, I'll send it off I promise) and I have just been accepted in to SCU for a BaIT (Bacholars in Information Technology). Not exactly option 1 (the uni not the course) but it is a start; once in I could probably transfer anywhere not that anywhere is where I was planing to move.

on other good notes my nation is now at 2.112 billion people; http://www.nationstates.net/kaisadungeon if you want to have a look. I am very proud of it.
And my neopet is also still alive so that too is a good thing.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

So very bored

I had hoped that my holiday would have made me glad to be back at work. Had sort of figured I was just tired and needed a short break. Unfortunately it turns out this is not actually so. In fact I am bored at my job. I have been at this job for 1.5 years and would seriously consider getting a new job; except that well I sort of got plans for my future, as sketchy as they are and this job will help me get there; well not actually help me; but it will give me money to be able to do the things I am considering. I am tired of being the menial task person especially when they can do it themselves.

Maybe I should just get my act together get all the boring double no triple handled filing done and then I can get back to my programming project I have set myself.

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Monday, 15 October 2007

God's Jigsaw puzzle

Was looking at the 360 degree angles of myself not sure that I was exactly pleased with the truth of what I obviously look like. God must have had fun piecing me together. Where my back and legs meet he has grafted on my fathers bum; where my head and neck kinda meet he's plastered on my mothers chin. He's given me fair skin so that scars are not easily visible but stretch marks look like windows into my body expressing themselves in the colours of my internals. He's stretched out my body to make me appear (at least to my self) not as fat as I am; and then thrust underneath it short stocky legs to support it all to the end of which he attached long narrow feet and didn't put the toes on straight. He gave me nice feminine hands and unembarrassing forearms and he screwed them on to large blubber filled shopping bag like upper arms. Upon my face he has put a large dash of freckles and the ability to turn red faced quickly. I have a forehead that can support a fringe or no fringe what ever takes the fancy at the time then I was gifted tiny eyes mouth and nose which he pushed into large cheeks.

I am not going to go into how I have made it worse; but in the end at least I suppose he's also set into someone's head that all that is beautiful and they want it.

Thanks for all the pic's of the trip Sparky!

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Sunday, 14 October 2007

I am Back!

First day back at work since that joyous occasion 10 days ago where I took off for my holiday. Much to my sadness holidays are now over and I have got to get back to the making money side of life. My next holiday is not until Christmas; and I think I am now going to be counting down the weeks. I believe I still have 3 days up my sleeve if I was going to try for another break but with Christmas only 2 months away (plus a little) I think it would be kinda inconsiderate of me to take them off. Also it would presently appear I need to save those days for early next year when my friend is having her baby she has asked me to come up and see it.

Anyway the holiday was a great break. I didn't spend copious amounts of time with people that annoyed me; nor did I have to defend my food dump from scabbers; in fact I didn't have a food dump to defend.

I also got to spend time with my favourite person which made it a really great time. I am missing my favourite person already and plans to see them again are now under way.

And camping in a tent filled with males is not all that bad; I survived it quite well much to the amusement of one when he discovered I thought it was going to be difficult. When I get pic's developed I will contemplate posting them... we'll see...

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Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I stand on the threshold of a holiday. Between me and said holiday is 13 hours of work. I look ahead and I already want to be on holidays. Having serious thoughts about pretending to be sick for 8 hours of that work time and start my holiday early.

I have mixed feelings about the holiday. It has been a while since I have been to the event I am considering attending an it is believed to be a large social highlight. I have friends which are attending that seem to think I will be hanging with them all the time; sadly I would rather cut my fingers off with nail clippers then spend the whole time with them. Also have small fear that I am going to be protecting my food dump from scabbers.

It will be a trip of new experiences. I am sharing my quarters with somewhere between 1 and 5 males (presently the count is at 3 I think now). One of them is encouraging the theory that men fart scratch etc. in their sleep, not sure that this is something I am looking forward to discovering.

Also kinda hoping my favourite person doesn't not come at the last minute being as they just decided they would.

Will have fun; but I wanna be on holidays now!

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