Sunday, 14 October 2007

I am Back!

First day back at work since that joyous occasion 10 days ago where I took off for my holiday. Much to my sadness holidays are now over and I have got to get back to the making money side of life. My next holiday is not until Christmas; and I think I am now going to be counting down the weeks. I believe I still have 3 days up my sleeve if I was going to try for another break but with Christmas only 2 months away (plus a little) I think it would be kinda inconsiderate of me to take them off. Also it would presently appear I need to save those days for early next year when my friend is having her baby she has asked me to come up and see it.

Anyway the holiday was a great break. I didn't spend copious amounts of time with people that annoyed me; nor did I have to defend my food dump from scabbers; in fact I didn't have a food dump to defend.

I also got to spend time with my favourite person which made it a really great time. I am missing my favourite person already and plans to see them again are now under way.

And camping in a tent filled with males is not all that bad; I survived it quite well much to the amusement of one when he discovered I thought it was going to be difficult. When I get pic's developed I will contemplate posting them... we'll see...

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you should blog more how am I meant to procrastinate effectively when you arent posting at suitable enough intervals!

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