Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I stand on the threshold of a holiday. Between me and said holiday is 13 hours of work. I look ahead and I already want to be on holidays. Having serious thoughts about pretending to be sick for 8 hours of that work time and start my holiday early.

I have mixed feelings about the holiday. It has been a while since I have been to the event I am considering attending an it is believed to be a large social highlight. I have friends which are attending that seem to think I will be hanging with them all the time; sadly I would rather cut my fingers off with nail clippers then spend the whole time with them. Also have small fear that I am going to be protecting my food dump from scabbers.

It will be a trip of new experiences. I am sharing my quarters with somewhere between 1 and 5 males (presently the count is at 3 I think now). One of them is encouraging the theory that men fart scratch etc. in their sleep, not sure that this is something I am looking forward to discovering.

Also kinda hoping my favourite person doesn't not come at the last minute being as they just decided they would.

Will have fun; but I wanna be on holidays now!

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