Thursday, 18 October 2007

Better Start

If you are wondering about my state education at the moment you might be interested to know I have not yet finished anything since HSC (and even then I didn't try and finish that it just happened). So therefore you will be interested to know I am still one assignment away from completing a statement of attainment in writing (it is on my unconnected computer, I'll send it off I promise) and I have just been accepted in to SCU for a BaIT (Bacholars in Information Technology). Not exactly option 1 (the uni not the course) but it is a start; once in I could probably transfer anywhere not that anywhere is where I was planing to move.

on other good notes my nation is now at 2.112 billion people; if you want to have a look. I am very proud of it.
And my neopet is also still alive so that too is a good thing.

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