Thursday, 27 September 2007

Short and Sweet

Things are all good in my world at the moment. Little bit of stress lately but that has kinda simmered down last bit will go after the weekend. Totally packing it about this weekend. Well actually not packed. going on a hiking trip this weekend. Closest I wanna get to a near death experience.

I got to go home early pack and get there... cross fingers I survive... I think I am to young to die still but I told the people in charge to bring a coffin just incase.

Was actually going to build a little ply wood one; but I didn't get time.

Oh and I have messed up google somehow... anyone know how I might of switched google to italian? It is the work computer, so I kinda need to switch it back

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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Todays Post

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007


You when you were a kid and you hated olives but your parents loved them and told you that you just had to acquire a taste for them. An now you can eat them and you don't feel you want to throw them up. In fact you think they are really nice in pizza or a jatz with cheese. Until today I really didn't understand how you were supposed to achieve this. What it means is learn to not pull a face when in company, chew and swallow, and once you have mastered that shovel as much of it into your mouth until you like it.

For all the food experimenting I have done, I still can not bring myself to salmon. I don't like it raw, I don't like it smoked, I don't like it steamed, I don't like it backed you could even smother it in cheese and deep fry it and I still don't like it. I have managed to master the don't pull a face in company as certain family members like the stuff and feed it to me every time we visit. I will not how ever ever master the shovel it in till you like it.

Today I did learn a little trick for salmon sushi. Don't get me wrong I adore sushi, just the salmon ones are icky and you will always find them. Wasabi is a great gift to horrid salmon sushi. When you feel you can no longer maintain your composer dip the edge of your sushi into the wasabi, If you like wasabi drown the little bugger in it. Then put it in your mouth, the ensuing facial expressions can be blamed on the really hot wasabi and not on the horrid food, people will understand. On a really good day the flames pouring out your mouth and nose will really clear up that sinus problem you were having as an added bonus.

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Monday, 24 September 2007

Sex Sells?

Was driving home from work the other day and I saw a an on the side of a bus stop. It was hot pink with bold print on it. The print said Stimulation Between The Sheets. In the quick glance I could not see what it was actually trying to sell me. So the next day whilst I was stopped at traffic lights near the sign again I had another look. down at the bottom taking up not to much space on the sign was a rolled up news paper. Not just any news paper but the Australian Financial Review.

Maybe it is just me; but if you reckon your going to get more sex by buying and reading the Australian Financial Review. I think you need then a little more help. It is supposed to be a factual piece of media all about money and stuff like the stock exchange. Only way it is likely to get you laid is by attracting a gold digger who will leave you when she finds out you don't have any money.

Best thing to do is read it for the information you want and then line the bird cage with it.

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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Attention All Gentlemen

Or not so gentlemen.

If you think the sight of bare womens breasts are a wonderful sight and would like to see more of them in public; please come to NSW we are about to have more in public.

From what I understand NSW is about to put a ban on the ban of women breast feeding in public. Not sure exactly how breastfeeding is actually ruled upon however. Does it mean only one breast can be exposed at once? In that case what about twins and dual feeding. Does it mean it can only be exposed when someone is feeding upon it, is there an age limit for the breast feeder, or can 4 year olds and husbands feed in public also? Is there a time limit on how long can the breast be exposed? Can we all walk around with a boob hanging out because well we'll breast feed at some point, maybe not today or even this year, but soon.

I realise that all this points are kind of stupid; but honestly I do not agree with the ban of the ban. I do not see this as an equality for women. I can only see this as another step down for us. It is not equality, it is another of the secret women's business being put on public display. You won't see ads for men's condoms on TV during prime time viewing; but you'll see ad's for women's sanitary products. Congratulations yes, it is a natural thing for women to breastfeed (and bleed); but this does not mean it should put it on display. I am tired of having my secrets out on public display; in fact I dunno that there are any left.

At one time we were women; we mystified men, and they desired to know our secret's. Now we are PMS driven milking cows that walk on two legs.

Therefore gentlemen, if you like the sight of a naked, large, milk heavy breast and don't mind possibly seeing a mouth clamped tightly upon it. Please visit NSW we are about to get a lot of them. But don't expect to see mine; they are not for public viewing.

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Thursday, 20 September 2007


Made another discovery today one that has been staring me in the face for a very long time; but I had to do one of those little quizzes for it to stand out properly. For a long time people have raved and rave about the five love languages. As the large portion of my close acquaintances are navel gazes we have analysed each other and decided what we all were and that. I could never seem to figure out what I was nor find one that fitted comfortably. They decided I was quality time. I didn't have a better suggestion so I went with it.

It was however almost a horrible discovery that according to a test I did, my love language is touch. You might ask why this is a horrible discovery. I don't like being touched. If I don't know you, don't like you, don't trust you, I do not want to be touched by you. I get creepy crawlies all over and I bristle like an frightened cat.

Though as I thought about it more when I am in under extreme stress, it seems to be the thing I crave the most. If I could picture what I wanted most at those times I just want to be held by people I know, like and trust.

Not sure why I am a walking oxymoron at the moment, everyone I know would tell you I don't do touch, and I need training to do it as I don't do it very well. Will get back to you when I figured out the how come.

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You don't actually care. If your not going to care go away an leave me alone. Take your well meaning advice giving voices with you... I am trying to be happy and your ruining it on me!!!

You all suck; I know I haven't go it all sorted out and headed the right way. But it is what I want!!!

Boun giorno, Mi chiamo Kaisa

Having harboured a naughty little secret for some time I thought I would see if I could push my interest that little bit further.

I like watching movies in Italian with English subtitles. In fact I think I have watched every dvd I own that has that option at least 3 times this way. Makes for interesting viewing when you are watching musicals as sometimes they sing in English and sometimes in Italian.

Anyway with the help of Mango Languages I have decided to learn to talk it properly, rather than pick up an occasional phrase here and there. Especially as most of them have been swearing (well the English subtitle said it was) and swearing in Italian at only English speakers is pretty much a waste of time; much like signing swear words at them in proper sign language (yes I have tried that too). So far I completed 2 lessons.

Salve, Come sta
Bene, mi chiamo Marco
Come si chiama
Mi Chiamo Maria
Piacere di conoscerla
Il piacere e mio

That was lesson 1 please forgive my spelling as I can't spell to well in English as it is and I am new to Italian. I did try and learn mandarin but that was so hard, so I thought I would go back to my more favourite. I only learnt it whilst I was having fun last night and I was surprised that I could still remember it all this morning. I quite possibly have bad pronunciation and a horrible accent but I might learn enough to get in trouble should I actually use it in a conversation. Having also just looked up in an Italian dictionary, it's true... they have a lot of words for love... from sesso to volere bene... I don't' think I will manage to learn them all. But it is worth a try... must find someone to practice on... does anyone speak Italian?

For now

Con affetto Kaisa

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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dodge Town

Amongst a few different discoveries I have made over the past few days I made on about myself that has concerned me a little. I have a really thick pessimistic streak in me. Throw that in with a strong does of stubbornness and I can pretty much convince myself of a lot of negative things. I always seem to keep telling myself to wait for the other shoe to drop. Things are great at the moment; but I am sitting here waiting for the bad stuff to come... not including the bad stuff I am about to create... If I am going to create the bad stuff I tend to enjoy it; well maybe not enjoy it; more like the challenge I am giving myself. Remind me I said that by the way when I create deep trouble for myself.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Not Pinochio!

I have a small little gripe lately. It is only a little thing but it is starting to bug me again. Family members and close acquaintances are once again trying to encourage me to go out and actively find myself a boyfriend. Yes I know I have not yet been claimed as someone's girlfriend. I also am aware that I am in my mid twenties and have still not had a boyfriend. In fact in all those years no male has really actually shown any interest in me.

I am kinda happy with the way things are. Sure I wake up some mornings and wish my life was different/better. But I am generally content. Am I not good enough just as I am? Why is it so important that I rush out and grab me a man right now? Worse yet is when they are trying to sets me up with one of their choosing. An should I tell them I had a boyfriend they would want to see him, meet him, talk to him... An presently I would really loath having them and him in the same building. It isn't that I wouldn't like him enough etc, but suddenly they would be trying to run the relationship for me. The day I hear " you and (insert male's name) should go and do (insert activity) tonight." or anything of that sort of advice I will wants to scream at them.

I want to run a relationship (and possibly stuff it up) on my own (the guy can help). I don't want to be pushed into dating someone because I should be I don't want to have the people around me running the relationship from behind the scenes, next I'll know I'd be marrie
d with 2 kids and one on the way and no freaking idea what I am doing.

I am not a puppet on strings. I want to be able to wreak my own life!!!

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Sunday, 16 September 2007

In closing

You might be interested to know that my new modem has arrived. Luckily I like being at work early so I was there when he delivered as he came before we were 'officially' open. I also received a call from the unwired company in regards to my complaint letter. They have given me a month of free Internet in apology for the mess up. So presently my day is unfolding quite well.

I also picked up my ring from prouds on Sunday it looks very nice on my hand; well I think so anyway. It is themed just like my ring on the other hand so they go together quite well; though it makes my older ring look a little chunky now but that doesn't matter. Should probably get the old one cleaned so that it looks as new as the new one.

Had a good weekend walked the harbour bridge and went to family dinner on Saturday. Where dad threatened that should my sister or myself bring home a boyfriend to meet the family. He'd met him at the door with a carving knife and steel. He doesn't have a carving knife he says he'll get one special for the occasion. I don't think he'd do it, he's just teasing... we'll I don't think he'd do it to the guy they first time they meet. I am pretty confident that they would be on good behaviour (well as good as the family can be) should any of us bring home a partner. Yet it kinda makes me a little nervous about doing it. I seen what they have done to visitors we've invited to lunch. Only the crazy ones seem to have survived. I'd like to be able to bring a guy home for them to meet; but I think I'd be really nervous about doing so... I know that I can't hover around him maintaining a barrier of protection, I will have to go to the bathroom or something at some point and then it will be a free for all... I like this family lots but I don't like the idea of feeding someone I like to the mob.

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Thursday, 13 September 2007

And the saga continues

Yesterday my Internet Provider told me I needed to call the courier company to arrange the change of address myself. Irritated this is what I have now done. I called Thursday straight after I hung up from unwired and but I didn't have the connote number and they couldn't find me on the system, so I checked call times which I was told that I could call all night if I wanted. This was good. I got the connote number and called them about 6:00 last night and I got the Perth office who said she would send an e-mail with the instructions. Because Sydney was having phone problems, but if I called about 8 in the morning it could be sorted out and I could probably receive it that day.

I called this morning to sort the delivery out to find that Unwired had decided to actually do something about my change of address request yesterday. An the courier company had me down for delivery at the new address Monday. I did not get annoyed at the courier company I realise that they are caught in the middle of this, and the lady I spoke to said she would try and get it out to me today if at all possible. I really hope so.

Otherwise what should have taken 24hours to be delivered. Will now have taken a week. I am an incredibly in happy customer!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

And it started out such a nice day

You quite possibly remember my post the other day about my problem with unwired. (If you don't read it now) I now have an update for you.

We are now the day of 48 hours after the call I made to change the address on Tuesday. About 11 I thought I would call and confirm that I would receive my modem today. I called up and went through the irritating thing of being identified, and asked about my delivery. The girl I spoke to said the computer said it needed to confirm my delivery address. I repeated it to her alarm bells going of in my head. So I asked if I would be receiving my modem today. Which I was told oh no I should have received it yesterday at my initial address and if no one was there should have a card telling me to contact the courier company to arrange a new drop off.

I told her on no that should not be the case as I changed the address on Tuesday. She told me that that would take 48 hours I said yes that is what I was told when I changed it and I was expecting my delivery at the new address today. Which I was informed, the change of address didn't go through, and I needed to contact the courier company and ask them to deliver else where.

During this conversation I was basically told "I am sorry this is your fault" "excuse me don't be rude" To the later I told her "I was not being rude and I could be if she wished" (not my exact words) I also thanked her for her help and hung up on her, I could not bring myself to actually say goodbye any politer than that. I was physically shaking when I hung up the phone, and one of my colleagues commented. I later checked with her that I wasn't rude (being as she had obviously been eaves dropping) she said I sounded annoyed but not rude which was a relief.

It is now my responsibility to chase it up with the courier. When I called the courier I had to remind myself to be nice it wasn't their fault unwired are a bunch of arse wipes. Things are now in the process of being sorted out. I wrote a letter of complain to the company too, I am pleased with it, it is my first letter of complaint and is about a page long. I am not expecting to hear anything from them in fact I am more expecting to get a black spot on my name and seriously worse service next time I have to deal with them.

I think I am still stuck in 6months of a contract maybe a year might have to check. If anyone has suggestions on:

  1. How to get out of it (legaly)
  2. A better isp
I would be very greatful; and I would like to encourage everyone not to join unwired. Yes they are much more conveniant but the customer service is complete crap! This is my present unwired horror story.

It was such a nice day when I woke this morning the sun was shining the birds were singing (ok so it was still dark and I could only hear snoring) but it was going to be such a good day!

Monday, 10 September 2007

Holding it together... just

Over the next few days if you care to wonder where I am; I am in hell... Ok so not literaly. I am just really kinda annoyed and stressed at the moment. I took a day off work today so that I could be here for a delivery. See my modem has been playing silly buggers of late and last night at 6:45 it finaly seemed to kick the bucket. So I called the company and told them... they of course treated me like an idiot, 'is it pluged in?' if you turn it on and turn it back on what happens?' I realise that they do get some idiots that do ring up but when you ring up and say the power light it on but the little box that says searching or connected etc is not showing anything... is it just me or would you get the feeling that maybe it has nothing to do with the power.

First time I called I was on hold 5 minutes before I got through. Then they wanted to identify me with my license number, which I didn't have... so I asked him to wait on hold. After all the holding I did it was the least he could do. He hung up... So I called back waited in hold for 20 mintues this time and was asked the same stupid questions over and over again. Admitedly I was getting annoyed I was tired and I feel a little neglected with out my internet. Any way it was decided that the modem was faulty (no shit) and they would send me a new one. Some one had to be home to sign for it though. So I checked with the guy and he said Tuesday before 3.

I had to take the day off work and at 2:30 with no one having arrived I called them up. Spoke to someone got all my cleared told her what the problem was and she put me on hold. Someone else picked up the phone went through the clearnences again... and she tells me oh no it isn't being delievered untill Wednessday... about here I kinda blew my stack. I can't aford to take another day off work. She said when they droped it they would leave a number and I could call and arrange another time, as I tried to explain to her I can't take a day off work for that, which is what it still required. I am not supposed to get personal delieverires at work but I thought I would check to see if I could get it delievered wednessday there... To be informed to do that would take another 48 hours! I told her she has got to be kidding I work with couriers all the time I can do much better than that... but all she would say was I am sorry there is nothing we can do it says wednessday on the computer. Oh and she put me on hold lots of times...

I have never actually stood up for myself and at the same time been bordering on abusive rudeness. It made me so irritated and now for some reason unconsolably upset... Something must be wrong with me... I don't usually get like this....

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I had a dream...

Last night when I slept I dreamt I was at my eldest brothers wedding. Oddly enough he was finally getting married, to someone called Amanda. Anyway I was sitting up the back of the church putting the final ribbons on the table decorations when my brother showed up. As he walked down the front of the church to wait for his bride I turned to our mother and asked.

"He's not wearing that is he? He is going to change?"

He was wearing his good black pants (which I assume he bought for the wedding) his brown suede slip on shoes. He'd brushed his hair but had not tied it back as usual but he had not shaved. And he was wearing not one but 2 bright coloured flannelette shirts. I was horrified. Our mother just shrugged and said

"You know what your brother is like."

Obviously I didn't know what he was like. I had expected more from him. An I couldn't make anyone understand my problem with it.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Better and Better and Betterer

Yesterday I didn't think that this week could get any betterer; but it has! My supercomputer order now says shipped so it is somewhere between me and 20 minutes away (not including any stops in between there and here). With each vehicle that drives into the place the more excited I get. This could be the vehicle I have been waiting for.

Also I was supposed to be going to meetings all weekend. They are part of a series of meetings I am supposed to attend for the next 2 years. As I have been the only one to apply for this set. They have been cancelled. They are horrid stressful meetings and I am very glad not to have to go.

Thanks to the stupid government I have Friday off; so Thursday night and Friday will be spent building my super computer; leaving Saturday and Sunday for playing with it.

Nothing could ruin the rest of this week for me! I want to start a conga line!!!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Super Computer

So Excited. I just placed the order for the parts for my super computer! Ok so it won't be a real super computer but it will be all mine and built by me and really really good. So cool!!

One of my friends is presently expanding at the hips. She has got a parasite growing in her and she is very excited too. I asked her if she was going to give it godparents. As I asked it occurred to me if I breeded my own batch of terrorists, I would want to give them godparents. I don't think I would like the idea of my brats going to my family members should they blow me up or something. Maybe the husband's/Sperm's family could have them but I don't like the idea of mine raising them... all my training would go to waste.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Legally Blonde

With the new year looming and applications soon to close for university. I am applying to a few different places for some higher education learning. I have filled out 2 forms for long distant education and am waiting on a 3rd, evening classes, for a Ba/infoTech course (presently putting down as majoring in database design) I am also awaiting a application pack for a diploma in interior design.

As I was filling out these forms a few things occurred to me. Because I am no one special I had very little to fill out. I was born here drugg up her and I am not an Aboriginal or Torrestrait Islander. Neither do I have a physical disability which might effect my learning; perfect eyes perfect ears perfect legs etc.

The other thing that occurred to me was that how many wanna be hairdressers apply for IT courses? You know the young hairdresser stereotype (which you would also know isn't typically me) and you know the IT stereotype. These people wouldn't even consider dating, let alone switching jobs!


I did a little random shopping on Sunday; I terrified a shop assistant in Pumpkin Patch. As I accidentally broke my Spiderman sunglass's I was in a need for a new pair. An if you have a small head like mine pumpkin patch has the nearest like adult sunglass's you can find in kids sized sunglasses. I walked into the store and over to the sunglasses. I could see the shop keeper out the corner of my eye kinda watching me. I picked up a pair that interested me and turned them over etc, Then I put them on to see if they might fit. The stop assistant almost had a heart attack and rushed over to me. Could she help me? I asked her how much the ones I was holding were and picked up another pair and tried them on (just for the effect; I didn't want heart shaped lenses).

I also wandered in to Prouds. A few months back I lost the ring I used to wear on my left hand middle finger. It wasn't exactly a tragic loss it was a cheap kliens ring and was totally huge and kept falling off and it was very tarnished with no hope of fixing it. The ring that I wear on my right hand ring finger is a really nice ring I had bought about 2 years back from Prouds and it still looks really really nice (even though I did get it fitted to the wrong finger). Anyway I have been looking for the replacement for my lost ring. An on Sunday I found it, a nice gold filigree band with a little heart on it a lot like the picture (might actually be the same as the picture). I am getting it fitted for me (on the right finger this time). I pick it up in two weeks time. I am very excited.

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