Sunday, 16 September 2007

In closing

You might be interested to know that my new modem has arrived. Luckily I like being at work early so I was there when he delivered as he came before we were 'officially' open. I also received a call from the unwired company in regards to my complaint letter. They have given me a month of free Internet in apology for the mess up. So presently my day is unfolding quite well.

I also picked up my ring from prouds on Sunday it looks very nice on my hand; well I think so anyway. It is themed just like my ring on the other hand so they go together quite well; though it makes my older ring look a little chunky now but that doesn't matter. Should probably get the old one cleaned so that it looks as new as the new one.

Had a good weekend walked the harbour bridge and went to family dinner on Saturday. Where dad threatened that should my sister or myself bring home a boyfriend to meet the family. He'd met him at the door with a carving knife and steel. He doesn't have a carving knife he says he'll get one special for the occasion. I don't think he'd do it, he's just teasing... we'll I don't think he'd do it to the guy they first time they meet. I am pretty confident that they would be on good behaviour (well as good as the family can be) should any of us bring home a partner. Yet it kinda makes me a little nervous about doing it. I seen what they have done to visitors we've invited to lunch. Only the crazy ones seem to have survived. I'd like to be able to bring a guy home for them to meet; but I think I'd be really nervous about doing so... I know that I can't hover around him maintaining a barrier of protection, I will have to go to the bathroom or something at some point and then it will be a free for all... I like this family lots but I don't like the idea of feeding someone I like to the mob.

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