Thursday, 20 September 2007

Boun giorno, Mi chiamo Kaisa

Having harboured a naughty little secret for some time I thought I would see if I could push my interest that little bit further.

I like watching movies in Italian with English subtitles. In fact I think I have watched every dvd I own that has that option at least 3 times this way. Makes for interesting viewing when you are watching musicals as sometimes they sing in English and sometimes in Italian.

Anyway with the help of Mango Languages I have decided to learn to talk it properly, rather than pick up an occasional phrase here and there. Especially as most of them have been swearing (well the English subtitle said it was) and swearing in Italian at only English speakers is pretty much a waste of time; much like signing swear words at them in proper sign language (yes I have tried that too). So far I completed 2 lessons.

Salve, Come sta
Bene, mi chiamo Marco
Come si chiama
Mi Chiamo Maria
Piacere di conoscerla
Il piacere e mio

That was lesson 1 please forgive my spelling as I can't spell to well in English as it is and I am new to Italian. I did try and learn mandarin but that was so hard, so I thought I would go back to my more favourite. I only learnt it whilst I was having fun last night and I was surprised that I could still remember it all this morning. I quite possibly have bad pronunciation and a horrible accent but I might learn enough to get in trouble should I actually use it in a conversation. Having also just looked up in an Italian dictionary, it's true... they have a lot of words for love... from sesso to volere bene... I don't' think I will manage to learn them all. But it is worth a try... must find someone to practice on... does anyone speak Italian?

For now

Con affetto Kaisa

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