Sunday, 2 September 2007


I did a little random shopping on Sunday; I terrified a shop assistant in Pumpkin Patch. As I accidentally broke my Spiderman sunglass's I was in a need for a new pair. An if you have a small head like mine pumpkin patch has the nearest like adult sunglass's you can find in kids sized sunglasses. I walked into the store and over to the sunglasses. I could see the shop keeper out the corner of my eye kinda watching me. I picked up a pair that interested me and turned them over etc, Then I put them on to see if they might fit. The stop assistant almost had a heart attack and rushed over to me. Could she help me? I asked her how much the ones I was holding were and picked up another pair and tried them on (just for the effect; I didn't want heart shaped lenses).

I also wandered in to Prouds. A few months back I lost the ring I used to wear on my left hand middle finger. It wasn't exactly a tragic loss it was a cheap kliens ring and was totally huge and kept falling off and it was very tarnished with no hope of fixing it. The ring that I wear on my right hand ring finger is a really nice ring I had bought about 2 years back from Prouds and it still looks really really nice (even though I did get it fitted to the wrong finger). Anyway I have been looking for the replacement for my lost ring. An on Sunday I found it, a nice gold filigree band with a little heart on it a lot like the picture (might actually be the same as the picture). I am getting it fitted for me (on the right finger this time). I pick it up in two weeks time. I am very excited.


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