Thursday, 13 September 2007

And the saga continues

Yesterday my Internet Provider told me I needed to call the courier company to arrange the change of address myself. Irritated this is what I have now done. I called Thursday straight after I hung up from unwired and but I didn't have the connote number and they couldn't find me on the system, so I checked call times which I was told that I could call all night if I wanted. This was good. I got the connote number and called them about 6:00 last night and I got the Perth office who said she would send an e-mail with the instructions. Because Sydney was having phone problems, but if I called about 8 in the morning it could be sorted out and I could probably receive it that day.

I called this morning to sort the delivery out to find that Unwired had decided to actually do something about my change of address request yesterday. An the courier company had me down for delivery at the new address Monday. I did not get annoyed at the courier company I realise that they are caught in the middle of this, and the lady I spoke to said she would try and get it out to me today if at all possible. I really hope so.

Otherwise what should have taken 24hours to be delivered. Will now have taken a week. I am an incredibly in happy customer!


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