Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Better and Better and Betterer

Yesterday I didn't think that this week could get any betterer; but it has! My supercomputer order now says shipped so it is somewhere between me and 20 minutes away (not including any stops in between there and here). With each vehicle that drives into the place the more excited I get. This could be the vehicle I have been waiting for.

Also I was supposed to be going to meetings all weekend. They are part of a series of meetings I am supposed to attend for the next 2 years. As I have been the only one to apply for this set. They have been cancelled. They are horrid stressful meetings and I am very glad not to have to go.

Thanks to the stupid government I have Friday off; so Thursday night and Friday will be spent building my super computer; leaving Saturday and Sunday for playing with it.

Nothing could ruin the rest of this week for me! I want to start a conga line!!!


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