Monday, 10 September 2007

Holding it together... just

Over the next few days if you care to wonder where I am; I am in hell... Ok so not literaly. I am just really kinda annoyed and stressed at the moment. I took a day off work today so that I could be here for a delivery. See my modem has been playing silly buggers of late and last night at 6:45 it finaly seemed to kick the bucket. So I called the company and told them... they of course treated me like an idiot, 'is it pluged in?' if you turn it on and turn it back on what happens?' I realise that they do get some idiots that do ring up but when you ring up and say the power light it on but the little box that says searching or connected etc is not showing anything... is it just me or would you get the feeling that maybe it has nothing to do with the power.

First time I called I was on hold 5 minutes before I got through. Then they wanted to identify me with my license number, which I didn't have... so I asked him to wait on hold. After all the holding I did it was the least he could do. He hung up... So I called back waited in hold for 20 mintues this time and was asked the same stupid questions over and over again. Admitedly I was getting annoyed I was tired and I feel a little neglected with out my internet. Any way it was decided that the modem was faulty (no shit) and they would send me a new one. Some one had to be home to sign for it though. So I checked with the guy and he said Tuesday before 3.

I had to take the day off work and at 2:30 with no one having arrived I called them up. Spoke to someone got all my cleared told her what the problem was and she put me on hold. Someone else picked up the phone went through the clearnences again... and she tells me oh no it isn't being delievered untill Wednessday... about here I kinda blew my stack. I can't aford to take another day off work. She said when they droped it they would leave a number and I could call and arrange another time, as I tried to explain to her I can't take a day off work for that, which is what it still required. I am not supposed to get personal delieverires at work but I thought I would check to see if I could get it delievered wednessday there... To be informed to do that would take another 48 hours! I told her she has got to be kidding I work with couriers all the time I can do much better than that... but all she would say was I am sorry there is nothing we can do it says wednessday on the computer. Oh and she put me on hold lots of times...

I have never actually stood up for myself and at the same time been bordering on abusive rudeness. It made me so irritated and now for some reason unconsolably upset... Something must be wrong with me... I don't usually get like this....


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