Tuesday, 26 August 2008


It is official that I am part of what makes little boys wet dreams

Not knowing when boys actually start, it is difficult to know how influential I am being, but what I thought was perhaps a once(/twice/third) off occurrence, is somewhat quickly turning into a regular occurrence.

"I've seen it in magazines and on TV but look it's real. Mummy Mummy a girl on a motor bike!"

Yes they can tell I am a girl, I played peekaboo with one. He'd yell "Hi Girl" an I would look and he would duck behind the door. While his brother in the front seat was trying to scramble over his mother to get a better look. I suppose it is the flashing long red hair that gives my gender away, as my clothes would just distinguish me as fat person, and well the only bikers that have long hair have a motor bike with a deeper guttural sound then mine an their hair is grey an often have a beard to match, an a receding hairline.

I highly doubt that I am personally in their spank bank. The description of awesome, look at those head lights and tiny tight bum. I want to caress those handle bars and straddle that engine. The would actually be talking about the bike not me. But when you see them piling up in the back of a car, 4 or 5 deep, you know that you've got their little engines running.

An as my bike has a somewhat alien appearance about it. I've fulfilled not one but 2 fantasises. A girl on a bike in an alien planet. So The boys that like cars Tonka trucks an stuff with engines, and the boys that are die hard star trek fans are both taking the concept to their wank banks for future use. (this is assuming that they haven't started at primary school age.)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Varrom rom rom !!

My bike (also my buffet in the back ground). Never fear, this is not what the garage at my home looks like. This is in fact the inside of my house (the back room). My mother got parinod upon it's arrival that someone would steal it from around the back of the house while it wasn't insured. If someone had braved the wilds of the side of our house, they deserved to steal my bike.

(This is no long the case as I have beaten a track through to get out every day).

I finally made the whole trip to work today. In the wet. I must say I had forgotten what cold could feel like at 60k's an our. But I felt confident an figure for my 3rd drive anywhere I did quite well. Still tend to wobble a bit when I take off, and I hate that slow siddiling up to the car in front that cars do at traffic lights, but other wise I am on the road (I am the one in a purple an yellow lakers jacket on a red bike (I suspect I stand out))

Just got to convince my Fiance to get his license an we can go on a scooting road trip.

Mio Marito

Just in cases you don't believe me.... Yes I know bad quality picture, but you try taking a picture of a beautiful shiny ring.

It's gold with a black opal (that is the sort that to the untrained eye look white) with a little diamond on either side. Not your usual engagement ring I been told, but I like it lots.

Ta Mio Marito

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