Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Avviso di pensare in corso

well you already know that i am a somewhat hair brained little imp sometimes. An this is no exception. on the weekend (yeah that really nice long one we just had). I tried to inspire a competition between myself and one of my brothers. Both of us have written articles and been published an during the conversation I issued him a novella challenge.

10,000 words which must secretly incorporate all the members of the famdamily. Not an excessively small challenge. An I didn't even take the smart approach and challenge him after I had an idea for it. He did accept, though usually he likes to have a rethink so I e-mailed him to ask if it was still on. presently I am now fired up about it... problem is, no idea what to write. Any suggestions?

I believe the famdamily are all going to read them and make a decision about them,an try an find which of the characters are them.

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Thursday, 24 January 2008


I think that my work is looking for my replacement. An I haven't been fired nor have a quit. Been answering a few phone calls lately that are inquiring about the clerk/receptionist job they saw in the Chinese newspaper. I already seen them hire a new warehouse man (before they moved out the one that they had) and they just hired a new sales rep while they old one is still here (I haven't the heart to tell him he's being moved on), so sure why can't they do it to me? I don't speak Chinese so I have no clue what is going on any more. Perhaps I am paranoid; but I do know there isn't enough work for two of us. I think I am being moved on...

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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Venire condividere il mio letto

Was looking at bed covers for my new bed... here was an idea I found amusing... This also could be a heap of fun. This is interesting though does someone know what mingerz means? All this from a simple google search. I know which ones I would likes... but I still live where I do that might cause problems with that selection... I can't find something I like yet maybe I have to make one, then it can be the right colours.

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As you know I like to modify my blogs to personify me a little more. I am defineatly not a template that you pick from a very short list. So well ta da. Still more to do obviously but it is a start. Quick note to people who decided to use xhtml for these blogs, xhtml sucks like huge time. If you seriously want to make it that everyone has the same blog, would you consider giving the non code minded a few more options... just a thought....

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Cravatta a me nel nastro isolante, baby

I so badly want to do this. I don't have a sewing dummy and honestly I don't think a sewing dummy was ever designed with my figure in mind. Sides I think I would like to put arms on my dummy... my arms always give me problems without fits... either that or I am developing an early onset hunchback. I have seen this before but I dunno if I got anyone that would wrap me up in duct tape and then cut me out of it. This is also limited by the number of people I would feel comfy in displaying a large portion of my skimpily clad body too. Would also like to have dummy's of people I might sew for, then I can fit clothes to them without them moving, stick pins in them with out complaints and do it when they are not around.... Any hands up for assistance or being a dummy model?

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Bagno di Rinnovamento

Once I have my bed, bedding, mirror and curtains in my room (the desk area will have to wait I think as I am not to sure where to go from here); plus have all the rubbish thrown away. I think it is time to move on to my new project. This new one has just started recently to scream for someone's attention. My bathroom, well the one I use being as it is not my house and their for not mine (you may have guessed that I have had that lecture numerable times) an I am about to lavish upon it some of my loving devoted attention.

Having just had a tiling problem corrected there will be no changing those. Not changing them makes it much less work for myself, and create one less problem to be discussed with the home owner, Also I quite like the tiles (considering the tiles chosen in other parts of the house). Post my room, this bathroom was the brightest room in the house. It has bright yellow tiles white walls and white sinks, bath and toilet and all the cabinetry is white also. The majority of the stuff is still usable no reason to throw them out. there are 2 main things that bug me the most. The cabinet is falling apart (almost literally while I look at it) and the taps don't match and are old. It also desperately needs a coat of paint and for the windowsill to be repaired in someway so that the water damage is at least disguised.

I know I might of sworn never again to paint a room... but this is a smaller rooms. Sadly though it does have cornices still. The bathroom also has this horrible beer glass screen around the bath; which despite putting pressure on the home owner about getting it replaced the owner does not seem to want to budge. suggestions on arguments to get rid of it are called for.

Is an idea anyway maybe I move before I do anything about it.

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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Camera per due

I bought it!!!! not the bedsides (yet) or the tallboy (not pictured)(yet) also didn't buy the other display stuff around it; but in 4-6 weeks this is MINE!!!! Also bought a matress so I can sleep on it as soon as I get it. Yay Yay Yay!!!.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Pensate strumento cintura e un cappello duro ... Nient'altro.

For a while my room renovations have been stagnating a little. With the possibility of my bed arriving on the near horizon, (as in I am going to go put at least a down payment on it tonight). I really should pull my finger out and do something about the rest of the room.

I have a large number of boxes I have not unpacked yet; I figure that they are never going to get used so I am pretty much going to throw them out as is (I have to go through them I know there is a family heirloom in there I have to keep. Also rescue any miss 'packed' books). These need to be removed so that there is room for the bed (Yay a bed!).

I also need to make my curtains. whilst my beautiful sari is making a pretty temporary curtain; it is shear and actually seems to make my room look smaller.

With the curtain issue also comes the cabinetry issue. Initially I had planned on getting a friend who builds cabinetry for a living to give me a quote and get him to build if for me; but as he can't even finish/fix the kitchen he built for us, I really don't want to be screwed about. I unfondly refer to him as the Penis King. So perhaps I will have to build the things myself. Little medicine cabinet for the window; desk with draw (contemplating putting in a locking cupboard too), shelves and clothes rail. To do this requires power tools (ok so it doesn't but I don't have the patience not to use them) maybe that is what I should have asked for for Christmas from Santa; not that 'he'd' let me have them anyway. A power jigsaw; and drill might be a good start or even a basic kit would be great. (odd that that site is actually making reference to valentines day... isn't that ages away?).

I should make a plan... something like
  1. Get rid of boxes of junk, return all lost books to bookcases
  2. Make curtains and put them up
  3. Destory cupboard innards and paint
  4. Go to Brisbane (non related)
  5. Build cupboard innards
  6. Install new innards (Bed arrives!)
Wow that actually lines up quite well... though I will probably be a pauper mouse by the end... Especially with Brisbane trip and valentines day just around the corner (I looked it is actually quite close...scary) What I would give to sit on my arse an snap my fingers and have it all done for me. I can probably do weekend 1 and 2 at least... the cabinetry will be a big job an lots of money... an I want power tools... mmm... there is an idea... anyone have cupids address?

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Monday, 7 January 2008

Vacanze sono oltre

Thought you might like to see a few pics from my holiday... in no particular order; here we go.

Look closely and you'll see a mummy and a baby quokka (no that is not a spelling mistake)

The light house on Rottnest Island (I quite like this pics)

Fishies seen from a boat (Made you a little dizzy)

Day one on the train (my sister)

Cook School Play Area Rules (though I am sure you can read that for yourself)

Sparky (couldn't help not add him... suspect he will disappear though so look at him while his hot, BUT NO TOUCHING!)

These were all taken on my phone so please excuse the quality

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