Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Smallish update

It has been pointed out to me that I need to post more. I have to admit it has started to mull around in the back of my mind that I should get back to it. I shall let you know what I have been up to in the last couple of months.

I was house hunting and then moving house.

I was excited about the prospect of moving house, but not of the actual moving part. We were living in a one bedroom flat. If there had been no furniture or any other possesions, this would have been fine. Unfortunatly I had been collecting items, for sometime before my marriage (mostly thinking I wasn't going to marry so I needed a start somehow). Bed, dinning suit (which includs a buffet), couch and arm chair, large quantity of kitchen utensils and appliences (though I am still finding I need more), towels, sheets etc. Then you would need to add the things my husband brought (ie. a beautiful hand made coffee table, spare bead, office chair and desk) and our ever growing pile of clothes (is growing as his mother keeps finding more (as she is moving now an emptying her house)). And our most precious of all 3 bookcases overflowing in books, I have lost count of the amount of books we now posses, but it is a very large quantity and there are only a couple of double ups. We also have a moderate collection of DVD's and a collection of board games.

If you can imagine this all squeezed in to our one bedroom flat, you can likely imagine the sort of space we had left. It was very frustrating for myself, as I never had somewhere to put things. Often I would read books or webpages, and they would say, if there is no where to put it through it out. If I had followed that rule I would have had space, but no arm chair, or coffee table!

Anyway I looked for a new house an visited a few, put our name down at several before finally finding the current house available for rent. The exciting thing about this house, was that I had often driven past an thought it looked lovely an how I would like to live there. As you can likely tell we visited and put our name down an got the house. We moved in almost instantly. This had some complications. For a start I forgot to get a trolley, so the fridge and washing machine had to be carried, an I had bought a big fridge. When fridge and bed were in our new home, we started sleeping there (*SH had set the rule, fridge and bed could not be in seperate places and he would stay where they both were). When we moved in there was no phone (or internet) and no electricity. We had the phone connected the following day. The electricity man came out then also, but he said there was a problem with the wiring of the lights and hot water. So he didn't connect those up, an said an electritian needed to be called. Good news, I could cook, wash clothes, and the fridge now worked. But there was no hot showers (we still had the old place an drove up there every day), and no lights.

We have a bath in the house, which I tried to have a hot bath in by boiling the water, but it didn't really work, unless encouraging the flu to take hold is a positive out come.

The electritian didn't come till Thursday, which was about a whole week. But it is all sorted now. We are quite happy in our 3 bedroom, attached large office, double glass door with lace curtian garage, water heater that dosen't quite keep up. I am still sort of unpacking, the house is functional but there are still a few things missing and lots of boxes we just didn't unpack from our first move.

In the main, we finally have space, it has been so much easier to keep tidy, (though the kitchen and myself still need to have a discussion), and though *SH dosn't seem to want to use his we both have an office each which will be wonderful when I am studing also. Also means guests, over night or just for tea. I was brought up to entertain, an finally I can put that training to use, though *SH is conserened I will make him use a knife or tell him there is a differnece between a dessart spoon and a soup spoon, an if I am really bad, I might bring out the fruit spoons and parfait spoons.

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