Thursday, 28 February 2008

ti amo

Today is the day that makes this whole year very very special. Not that it is the extra day of February that only shows up every four years. No today is that day that means this year any girl can ask a boy to marry her, no matter how much of a traditionalist he is.

If you have a guy that you have desperately been hopping will ask you the big question but it has not happened. This year you can nail the slippery sucker down and ask him yourself. This year you don't have to get pregnant to get him to make an honest women out of you. If you have been wondering why your man has been cowering in a dark corner all year thus far this year, it is because he knows, and he's frightened. He knows his woman knows before he does that the two of you are matched an suited for a life together in marriage. He knows that if you ask the right answer is yes. But he doesn't know it is the right decision yet.

So find your man drag him out of his dark corner and pop the question. Catch him off his guard. Happy Leap Year!

Note: no men where hurt in the making of this post. Do not use this post as a valid reason for asking that man you like to marry you. Even the author is ignoring this advice.

Side point generally people ask people they are dating to marry them. Strangers on the street people you are stalking or have a silent crush on should not be victims of your lust and desire to tie the knot.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Nerd lussuria

If one can find a back up soul mate; without offending the first; I think I found him. Rands in Repose, is his name and I been rifling through him all morning, mostly trying to find a flaw in our compatibility, I have not found a flaw an now I think I am in love.

It was The Nerds Handbook that first had me hooked. This was followed by Nadd wich was closely followed by the cave. Or was it the other way around I don't remember any more. If I thought reading The nerds handbook would have any positive affect upon my relationship with others I would make all the people that 'care' read it, as it won't I won't specifically send them to it. He makes me proud to wear the title nerd. I have meet a number of nerds to different degrees of nerdidity, an his descriptions of us have us warmly classified and understood.

I have also finally discovered what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a free electron. I'm not sure if I have the natural ability for it, but there is a chance I could mould my stubborn streak to be head banging on break wall enough for it. Check with my mother but I think she would say I have the temprement for it.

If you want to read more about my new love you will find him on the right. Rands e riposo if you still rusty on your Italian.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Principessa senza pisello

As we all know things can't go perfectly right all the time. I got my bed yesterday, it being a flat pack requires assembling. So I have put my new mattress on the floor (with the plastic it come in underneath to protect it) an after putting a fitted sheet on had a spacious nights sleep. So Spacious in fact that after my narrow stretcher bed, I woke a few times completely disorientated, but it was nice to stretch out my arm an not be able to find the edge. being so wide there was 2 pillows side by side, so I let my mobile phone sleep on the other pillow (no we don't have a relationship going on it is my alarm clock (yes I know people would normally rather kill their alarm clock then sleep beside it)) that way I could find it in the morning.

This morning I went and looked at the parts of the bed frame. first thing I noticed was I could see which parts were what and there was a really cool slat marking style done on the side pieces. If you can say 1,2,3 or a,b,c you can put this bed together without a manual. That was when I noticed a small problem. There was no manual or warranty (very important of late as all my warranties are being called up lately)... Then an even smaller delemia but totally enormous on the scale of putting the bed together. There were no screws.

Tiny tiny tiny little screws (ok so probably not that tiny) and nothing could be done with all these enormous bed parts until I get them. I have contacted the bed people and now I await to hear back from them.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Vita di aggiornamento

Update on my life;

My bed is arriving today, sadlly I won't be able to put the base together until Sunday; but at least it is around to look at an know that is just involves me making time to put it together; but i does also mean that tonight for the first time in a long time; I will have a comfortable sleep with lots of space to spread out. (No I do not plan on gaining weight so that I can make use of this extra space). The question not is; do I put the green sheets on the bed; or the red ones?

I am not a god. Pulled apart my computer last night with the computer doctor. Amazingly considering the noise and the smell and the taste and the flash of light nothing was black or melted broken or gooey. In fact if you take out the power supply and the graphics card and put in a substitute power supply everything runs like it should. Though as the substitute power supply didn't have enough connectors my dvd drive is currently out of commission. Now to chase up warranty replacements on the 2 parts so I can have everything back to normal

I bought a corset on the weekend. A real one with metal boning. Was really quite comfortable. I can really pull my waist in a lot smaller then I can breath in. Will take practice to lace it up myself though. On wearing it for most of yesterday afternoon made a few discoveries. Driving is not necessarily a skill that the corset allows for. Yes I can do it, but I think the practice required to pull it off might be a little dangerous. Movement is generally not to bad... sitting is a new experience. You have few alternatives for sitting, non of which is the comfy slouch that is a much favoured by our culture now days. in fact; you sit so upright and straight, that your hands have trouble reaching your lap. Unlike when you slouch it is your elbows that almost reach your lap. Still thinking with practice and a slave to lace me up, maybe it might be a nice change from modern day underwear.I bought it at Gallery Serpentine is really quite a cool shop If you are ever buying for my I am a 15 (might want to check with the store as to what measurement that is).

That about sums up the update of anything remotely interesting. Could count the number of pimples I currently have or the number of times I have blinked whilst writting this post but I won't.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sono dio

Last night due to certain circumstances somewhat out of my control, I might of turned myself into a god, but I am not sure how to check.

You see if one believes that the world was created by a big bang, then really we are suspended with in someone much bigger then us's computer. Let me explain I was having some issues last night with my computer. You remember the big sexy one I built (with my brothers help) anyway there was issues and one thing led to another big bang huge flash of light... an ta da! I am a god.

ok so we already know the god thing is a bunch of crap, but the bang and the light (and the smell and the taste (of the air (I am sick I can't smell give me a break(mum smelt it))) (wow that so felt like xhtml all the nesting and closing tags) and the little puff of black smoke; that is all true.

:( I blew up my computer! :(

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Morte riscaldato

Today all I can think about it is engorged body parts, opaque body fluids, warm fuzzy thoughts, and breathlessness.

Hoping I no need to tell you to get your mind out of the gutter (who do you think I am?). I am sick (again) I have engorged tonsils (think golf balls, now put 2 in your throat at the back of your mouth (now try breathing). Opaque body fluids think puss coming from these tonsils and snot running from my nose. Warmth is the fever I am running, fuzzy imagine your head filled with cotton wool.

Aren't I sounding like the most sexiest female you have ever imagined in your life? I am self medicating in a serious way i.e. aspirin for the pain and headache (did I mention I am also suffering a coffee hangover) and berroca to counteract the drowsiness that I get from the aspirin. I think it is a sunny day; but the light hurts my eyes.

note: only myself was hurt in the making of this post. Do not stick golf balls down your throat. For a limited time my tonsils are on display in my throat. Plans to remove them should go under way after June, see them while you can.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Il lavoro è terribile spreco di tempo

Chipmunks rock. Got some of their songs to entertain while I toil at the grindstone of pointless work. Man my job sucks.

Definitely looking for a loophole or a clause that gets me out of this place. I here for the money...

Sucky sucky sucky job, where I am constantly doing pointless taskes. Entering data into a database no one uses. Chaseing up outstanding accounts where I am to tell someone we no longer send them out stuff till they pay up. But I have no authority for that to stick... everyone sends them stuff anyway... seriously some people owe lots of money.

Trying to do things they need (which probably won't be used anyway also) but no time to do it in. Even when they ask me to do it because I am doing sucky sucky stupid pointless tasks! I is loyal to a fault... but is sucky stupid no English place... I better then this... I want out... out out and away! NOW!!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Blu luna, Auto rapina

Blue Moon

You saw me standing alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

Blue Moon

You know just what I was there for

You heard me saying a prayer for

Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms will hold

I heard somebody whisper please adore me

And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

Blue Moon

Now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms will ever hold

I heard somebody whisper please adore me

And when I looked the Moon had turned to gold

Blue moon

Now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

Blue moon

Now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own
Gush gush gush.... I like that song been in my head all morning... over and over it went though I had the words wrong... "Blue moon... I saw you standing alone... without a dream in your heart... with out a love of your own..." still works I guess.

another note; I can break into my own car. Definatly a good thing as I have forgotten my keys in the car a few times already. I am sure the NRMA is about to start charging me to let me back into the car (if they aren't already). Might have to temproarily perminantly tattoo car ownership on my arm or something so people don't call the police. Next step... start thecar with out keys? maybe? what you think?

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Cupido è in carcere per tentato omicidio di milioni

Rose rosse sono; Viole sono blu Questo è così stupido; Ma ti amo

The hippies have taken over my school. Yes I am kinda all for the saving the world and reducing my footprint on the earth, but seriously food does not taste as good when your throw away fork is bamboo/unlacquered wood/solid recycled paper. Plastic is recyclable, I would rather eat from something that doesn't absorb the taste of my food before I get it into my mouth. It is a cafeteria so most of the flavour is gone already. I don't want to pay $5 to eat food that tastes a lot like cardboard, and chew on cardboard that tastes a lot like food.

While on the subject of school. I started my web design cert 4 course. been good so far, I finished all the excersises before everyone else in my classes so far. In fact I was so speed last night I finished a 4 hour class in 2 hours. An so far I still know what I am doing and understand it all. Either I have seriously underestimated what I already know, or I am presently being lured into a sense of achievement and cockiness, just so they can whack me on the head with a text book when I am not looking. So far I don't need a text book, just an adobe suite package... I'm looking at $400+

My last little complaint about school. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me something else to work in other then notepad (as in the standard one that comes with windows os). It's a school teaching web design you'd think maybe they might have notepad ++ at least that counts the lines for you and you don't have to manually count them to find the error.

On a good note, I love my Italian classes... first word they checked to find out we knew was 'vino'. Not expecting I will need to use that often. Still can't say 'I am unwell and think I am going to die'. But I can say 'cosi cosi'... it isn't 'I am great thank you' at least.

Happy V'day btw... Ma ti amo sesso Sparky.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Ha una penna

At the beginning of the age where time was not marked the Anthialians and the Phiatias's were one people under one king. Till Phiatia proclaimed herself a goddess and decided she wanted to be ruler instead. So a great battle broke out in the realm of the gods. The semi gods were forced to pick sides. Some chose to follow Phiatia the rest followed Anthialian, under the king. The battle was heavy and many lost their lives; but in the end the Anthialians prevailed. The king banished Phiatia and her followers from the land of the gods to a small world on the border of reality, where a small family of humans were beginning to multiply.

There the war continued....

Welcome to the beginging of the prologue for my novella 'contest/challenge'. A realm of semi gods, demi gods and full strength gods; and a lovely little place we like to call home. The story is about a semi god whose job is to protect a human girl called Melissa; but Melissa is considering joining the Phiatia's, only she doesn't know it. The humans can not see the Anthialians or the Phiatia's and have no idea what is going on around them and what is their involvement in bringing the end of the war.

Police/Editors want women Raped

I wrote this title in English because I really want to make my point an I want you to be sure you didn't miss a thing. Today as I was reading the paper on the train I noted a really small Police warning on the inside column of a page.

Women do not walk around late at night alone. A woman got raped in northern beaches guy still at large. (very rough paraphrase you get the idea).

This was all printed next to an almost full page article with pictures about kids being taken away; big sob story look their presents are still waiting to be unwrapped. Whilst this warning was in a gap about an inch wide and a little over an inch long In average writing with only a little more then bold print. Neither was it at the top it was squished part way down. As the news paper owner demonstrated (thus my inability to tell you exactly what it said) in the exact spot you put your hand to hold the dam paper together (really newspapers should spend a few cents on staples).

Since there is even an puny warning in the paper I can assume that the police asked for it and don't want to find you crying with snot running out your nose and pants around your ankles. So is it newspapers that don't actually care about everyone around them. Instead of informing us that we should be careful when we go out at night; for our own safety, this is squished around a gigantic sob story which whilst interesting really has no effect on our personal lives except convince us more and more that DOC'S have their wires crossed. In fact I think that the paper would rather boarder on defamation then tell us how to keep safe. If we're not safe, they get more stories.

An people wonder why I hate news papers and News reports. they don't actually give a shit; they just want a story.

Ladies do not go walking around alone at night! just because it says 4am there for morning dosn't mean the curfew is up. If it is dark outside, don't walk alone outside. Take a protective companion, husband, boyfriend, brother, father, mother, sister friend, gaggle of girls or a big dog with teeth and sexy growl.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Se mi amate ... Acquistare me una pasta maker

Since no one is around to tell... I will tell you. Guess what I am having for lunch. Yeap that is right home made pasta with garlic, olives and chilli sauce. Can you say yum?

I've been making pasta sauces from scratch for ages (I cheated with the sauce if you ever see it in he shops seriously get it it is really really nice it's a stir through sauce so look at the little bottles), but I've always really wanted to make pasta too. Well today with a day off I decided to try my hand at it. Yes it needs some tweaking but other wise it was really quite nice. I do not however have a pasta maker, you know those little machines that you put the pasta dough through, so I cut it into strips by hand. If doing it yourself seriously make teeny tiny strips, the stuff swells (not exactly sure why). So I am off to buy myself a pasta maker... it tastes better then packaged stuff and you can experiment with different things after you can make it well (like grinding up mushroom and putting that in the dough, or grind fresh basil in it). Also you don't eat as much before you feel full.

yum yum yum... I might become a good cook yet... :P

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