Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Ok almost a year ago I bought an eeepc. I was looking for something bigger then a PDA (got me a big one of those now, love you Sparky) but smaller then a laptop, and the eeepc just seemed to fit the bill. I got it early when they were just coming out in Australia, back when linux was the only option. This was not a problem as my then boyfriend is a linux fanatic so I was getting great encouragment to give it a go. Anyway my eeepc just started giving me problems, after 3 calls to the support centre, being told just restore to factory settings (so glad I not have important things saved on it) which didn't work, the guy said ok you need to re install your os, from your thumb drive. No big deal easy as pie. Then I asked important question.

Where will I find the os to install it.
On the cd
An if I don't have the cd (I am packing up my life, my room is a mess)
You'll have to get it through us

get it through us ='d this is going to cost you.

There is one thing I have learned about linux programs that I really like. They do not cost. I think I have used about 3 differnt sorts of linux... an not paid a cent for it. Sure they going to possibly only charge me freight, cd cost an man seconds required to do it but why can't they just point me in the direction of a download. I already let drop that I wandered into the bios to try an fix the problem (possibly shoulnd't have said this.) so I might have a small idea what I am doing... maybe.

Oh well looking on the internet, found a download for an os that will do the trick, not the origianal, but I think I am ready for a change. Will let you know how it goes after I make space on my usb stick... hope work doesn't see the files while I temproary move them across to make space. Spose it dosn't matter if they do, I quitted, 6 days to go.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

to quit or not to quit

I am currently in a state of unable to make a decision.

Do I quit my job a month a head of when I had intended and focus totally on my study an do a top notch job on my assignments that would make a perfectionist proud?

Or do I stay at my job save an extra $1200 and then move straight up to Brissy an look for a job with the qualifications I managed to bum through with?

Whilst I managed to get my last assignment in I was not happy with the work I did, so I am not sure I am going to get all the work done to the level I want, and this is the stuff I will use as part of my portfolio when go for job interviews.

I no no what to do. Both options are kinda good an really as good as each other. One mean I have to disipline myself to do the stuff, the other means my job is going to irritate me and get in the way....

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Well I finally did it. I had the conversation that you have been encouraging me to have for a very very long time. I sat down with my mother and told her how bad our relationship was, these where the area's I saw that needed being fixed and if the relationship did not improve that the current relationship was not going to be permitted in my home.

The conversation started at about 6pm and didn't end until about 10:30.

In the end I am not sure the out come of the conversation. As she has told me she is not sure that she can talk to me at all because she'll be so worried I'll take it the wrong way because I am so super sensitive. But she did hear the consequence of not making an effort to treat me properly.

Anyway we'll see how it goes, one down one to go. Self centred pompous spoilt little bitch next.

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