Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Mi Sposo

Please hear a a huge sigh of relief, almost from the moment of my engagement I have had one song going round an round an round my head, an dispite the fact that posts saying I am engaged are only a few weeks old, as of 10pm Saturday night coming, I have been engaged for a month, so you can imagine that having the one song in your head whilst somewhat cheery can be a little insane making.

This is what I have been hearing:

"I'm getting married in the morning
Ding dong the bells are going to chime
mmm hmmm hmm mmm
mmm hmm hmm mmhm
Just get me to the church on time"

If you have never heard of it it is from my fair lady (If you have I am impressed by your culture have you seen Dr Dolittle?) I downloaded the song planning that perhaps that would remove the song from my head... cross fingers it will work

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


For those of you who did the married thing already or are contemplating doing the married thing Please explain something to me.

Bridal Dress = $2500
(Prices are based on the dress I liked best)
Bridesmaid Dress = $250
(Price based on dress my mother an sister like)

Out fit going to be worn once in your whole entire life = Priceless....?

I am not in a Mastercard ad. In fact I don't even have a Mastercard. How do you justify spending that kind of money on a one day event. Especially when if you are like me an look at your wedding dress an think, afterwards I want to cut up the dress an make dedication outfits out of it for my babies.

I thought I would have a crack at making a veil last night contemplating actually useing it becuase even though it is going to be a lot of work it actually looks kinda nice, and will heighten the sentimental value, be able to smile at ever pin drop of a brown stain knowing that was my blood that I lost creating it. Hand sewing every stich and pricking myself with the needle every other.

So why don't I make a dress to go with it? I know how to sew, why not?

I look at the cost of if I made it myself

dress = $200 (guestimation)
veil = >$30

I realise my time has a price on it but I am sewing for myself there is pleasure in that for me. An I doubt my time price would make up for the differnce in costs.

so why do I want to Spend 3 grand on a dress when I could spend $250? An if I am spending 250, can I ask the bridesmaids to spend the same on their dresses?

Thursday, 24 July 2008


I quit... to much drama not postable without me sounding like a Bridezilla (It's not everyday you see a bride stamping her feet that she not want that dress it's to much money!)


I got a motor bike license

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Mi Sposo

I'm getting married...

just thought I'd let you's all know.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sono Sono Sono

The count down hasn't barely even started an everything I imagined is happening as I suspected it would.

I'm being forced into socialisation, going to an event I am not interested in going too, because my time with a person I do not like is fast coming to an end.

Shopping spree's are being thrust into my every spare moment. I hate shopping especially for dresses and shoes. Also hate even more going shopping with certain people who believe they have a right to choose my outfits.

An once I found something I like, I have absolutely no interest in visiting more shops to see if I can find something I like better. No I won't regret not shopping around, I never have before.

I don't actually care what you are going to wear an I tired about hearing how your going to spray paint your hair so you don't look so old. Deal with it your old.

Life must be made easy for you and your family, care given to their thoughts and feelings. But you won't lend consideration and understanding to others.

The desire to stamp my feet and scream are becoming more an more attractive ways of dealing with the situation. How ever I am trying to be an adult an thus very aware that that kind of behaviour is not fitting of a person my age. So I will reign in my behaviour and limit myself to a slight retraction of the nose and polite 'no' next time you pull a gaudy sequinned laden atrocity from the rack. But in this tiny little space you can not see just let me say.

"IT'S NOT ABOUT FREAKEN YOU!, It mine and Who/What/Where are my decisions very glad of your input but seriously. It not a time I want to look back on an continue to say to myself I hated it all. It's not only the conclusion, it's also the run up too it that matters. I will draw a line I will make you cry and I will stand there as you call me a rude selfish cold bitch an suggest that I am lacking in purity if I have too. But you haven't even bothered to give positive comment, so why should I treat you any less then I might a bank manager?"

Monday, 7 July 2008

Io Io Io Io

"Hi it's my birthday"
"Congrates, look at my hair, my boyfriend dumped me, My job sucks, I have spinach in my teeth"...

No! No! No! No!!!!!

Pause take deep breath, focus.


I am a nice polite person, but I didn't tell you my good news so I could listen to you talk about you for the next few months. I want to talk about my party an the dress I want to wear and the cute boy I want to be nearest me when I cut the cake.

I realise now that you are visiualizing an attention starved person standing on a soap box with a microphone stamping their little foot. An if you weren't you are now.

Note:This is a work of fiction, any real life events or people it reminds you off was purely an accident.
Warning:One day there will be a test.


Talked a few nights back with a class mate from Italian; about how sometimes you are curious about things, you'd not do them but you wanna know what happens etc.

He was curious to know what it would be like to be bitten by a snake (a poisonous one) - He actually got his curiosity fulfilled, immense pain I believe does not cover what he went through.

Another class mate was curious to know what it would be like to break an arm (I to am slightly curious).

I want to know what would happen if me and a mate drove side by side down a 2 lane main road at a speed of 20k's during peak hour. Would we create our own little procession? Would there be loud obnoxious joyful honks from the cars behind? Would people pass us on the wrong side of the road? Would we be published on the radio helicopter traffic reports? Would police get involved?

Any other people have desires that are kinda odd that they likely not find out about?

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

io moglie

Posting will continue after this short intermission.
Quality should remain the same;
Your interest level might lower;
frequancy likely to continue with the same irregularity.

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