Thursday, 29 November 2007


I found this one someone elses blog... put it on your blog too (with your answers not mine). Nice and easy, means your blog will get that post he's been craving for.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?

Wrapping paper! If you think someone is worth giving a present you should put a little effort into it.

2. Real tree or artificial?
Fake tree; they look nice in the end and take a lot longer to look like a scraggily dead stick of wood.

3. When do you put up the tree?
Generally I avoid doing it at home; but I think December 1 is a good time.

4. When do you take the tree down?
I think it should be pulled down New Years eve day.

5. Do you like eggnog?
meh; I'll take it or leave it

6. Favorite gift received as a child?
I think it was my first camera

7. Do you have a nativity scene?
Not personaly, but there is one in the house

8. Hardest person to buy for?
Male's in general... I now have a new found respect for men that dress half decently.

9. Easiest person to buy for?
My mother or sister... My mother or sister usually does it for me.

10. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
Bath stuff- sorry I realise you can't think of anything better; but your telling me I don't bathe often enough. I'd rather you didn't spend the money because 'you should get me something' then insult me.

11. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards?
Mail!!! I love getting letters... I don't many; so I like to mail cards (if I do them)

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?
Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus I think. Though The Santa Claus would kinda run close second... my dad is looking more and more like that Santa every time I see him

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
mmm... next week maybe... after November is over I think.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
I am to lazy for that... more likely to loose it first.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
candy canes...

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree?
Clear; then they are more like little stars or candles and look pretty rather then tacky

17. Favorite Christmas song?
Wishes - by human Nature,

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
depends am I travelling to be with the people I want to spend Christmas with?

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers?
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
Angels; they make a tree look really elegant

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Christmas morning... and if your really horrid... have breakfast first... it's amusing watching the excited ones chaffing at the bit to open their presents.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Christmas in the shopping centres started like the middle of October

23. What I love most about Christmas?
Holidays and the chance to spend time with the people you love

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Rispetto - Spelled con S

I am feeling creative so I think I will tell you a little story now.

Madeline was spending her holidays at her aunts place in Virginia. Her friend had come along with her and they had a lovely time romping in the town and chasing the cows on the farm with her two cousins. One morning they decided that they would go to the dam for the afternoon and have a fun time playing in the cool water. Madeline looked forward to it; and when the time approached, she went into the house to get changed; when she came out again she found that everyone had gone. Thinking perhaps maybe they had gone in to get changed to, she went inside and had a quick look. There was no one there; they had gone without her.

Suddenly her day was shattered, the event she was looking forward to had left her all alone. Hoping to salvage the afternoon Madeline went down to the dam on her own and found them having fun without her. Her friend called her to join them; which she did, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she had been abandoned. She pushed the thought from her mind and made the best of the situation.

Later that evening when her friend and her were alone Madeline asked her friend not to leave her behind again. Her friend apologised and explained what had happened. This made Madeline feel lots better and the incident was soon forgotten.

The morale of the story; Madeline didn't like what had happened and said something about it; and her friend didn't tell her off for it, even though it wasn't really the friends fault. It is hard sometimes to do it; but friends who don't put you down for speaking up are worth keeping.

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Sono intrappolati; non maturi!

Following on from the previous post I have found 2 sites of some assistance. Vernon Coleman; has a test on it which I figured I would do (it's a manual test; so it isn't a mouse click one and takes a little longer) 9 and below is the lowest section; you might think with that many questions you got to work really hard to get below that... I got a 7.

The other
was an interesting read/view. wasn't a guide book or anything but not to bad.

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Sono stanco di essere buono

I realise with my history that this title has you sitting up straighter and your hair standing on end. "Oh no what could she possibly mean by that?" I don't mean going back to my old ways; I mean stopping this 'roll over, good dog' mentality as Deli refers to it. I think of the little sign displayed in a few offices at the receptionists desks with a smile, 'I can only please one person each day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking any good either.' It is a sentiment that I really wish I could follow through on.

Looking at yesterdays post I figured I got this far... being me... perhaps it is time to address some of the faults I have. An I think it is seriously time to deal with the fact that I don't just roll with the punches; I play dead. At work if something goes wrong it is always my fault and I have at least 3-5 people sepperatly tell me off for it. One of these people dosn't even come into the office and I have never met him in person. At home I am tag teamed and I am never sure if I am coming or going. At work I rarely ever stand up and say shove off to anyone; I don't speak the language so I never know what is going on, so life has become keep your head down and do as you are told. At home when I have tried it the response to it is 'You would do it for 'so and so'' or 'But you did it last week?' these are the nicer responses...

When it comes to standing up for myself I am not very good at it. I either have to push so hard to make the other cry before or my argument is totally ignored and I lose my footing and give in. Responses thrown at me are I am selfish, I am thoughtless, I am cruel, I have favourites etc. And when a very similar incident comes around we have to go through it all again; and I sometimes can't find the energy to fight it again. It's like peeing on a tree to mark your territory, the other dogs still continue to walk by; sometimes even pee on my tree; but I feel like an old dog and don't want to fight so often

I also can't find a guid book on doing this either

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sono contenuti

I woke up this morning in a state of contentment. I have noticed it creeping on me slowly over the past few days. I feel balanced, calm, relaxed and not frightened. I still get a little antsy when I consider the what ifs; but I suppose we can't have it totally perfect. I think I am even begining to trust a little more then I have been.

Unfortunately for this tranquil state I can not find pictures that would have me personify my blog more, rather then using the standard blogging template. Perhaps my words are not the right ones to get back what I am looking for.

I also have the desire to write; but I only have one story in my head and I don't think it is a story I should tell just yet I don't even know how it ends yet.

My ultimate desires no longer feel unattainable and forbidden to me, and I am finally letting go of the thoughts that these things will be taken away from me the moment I let myself hope for them. I still a little awkward just being in my own skin, but ultimately I think I can let go of the railing.

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Poveri Jesse ha tagliato

Last night I watched a beautiful movie, which had beautiful people in it and had beautiful costumes. It was called 'One knight with the king". I have to admit there were a few things that caught my attention in the negative, the biblical story that this movie was based on there were a few things they missed out (though as technically it was based on a book; which was based on the biblical perhaps there is a good reason for this). I am not sure what the budget was like for this movie; it did have the most beautiful costumes (though some characters looked a little ungainly in them) how ever in one scene I think I caught a glimpse of a price tag on the underneath of a cup... ok, if the person hadn't drunk out of it I wouldn't have seen it, then again I might be incorrect and need my eyes fixed.

My biggest complaint is that the character of Jesse (played by Jonah Lotan) I think should have had a much larger coverage. I realise that in giving his story more coverage the rating might of changed; but he lost a lot in this story and I don't think his loss is compensated for. I would have much rather not seen Haman's story and the rest of the intrigue of the court and seen more of Jesse. He is almost forgotten about and considering the relationship he had with Hadassah at the beginning of the movie I think it is totally unfair. I also think it is unfair that I can only find one picture of him in the movie... and it is off the back of his head!!!

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I'll succhiare la vostra, se succhiare miniera ...

So Klara turned head to foot and put her most
unmentionable part down on his hard-breathing nose and mouth and
took his old battering ram into her lips.

As a writer it does interest me occasionally the different awards that are handed out and today I was sent an article on the bad sex in fiction award.Personally I would be appalled with myself if I was to receive this award, but I have to admit I think that little bit that was posted with the comment, "...leaves little to the imagination." was really quite creatively written. Especially when you consider that the author has recently moved to realm of the muses at the age of 84.

I am not sure why he got awarded the prize; unless of course the scene falls apart further on; or that it's description is such that people can visualise what is happening so clearly that they a disconcerted by bodily reactions I am not sure.

I have not read a lot of this sort of thing; but at least I know what they are doing. Far to often it is written with a seeming veil draped over the seen and you end up with, I know the characters had sex for the last three pages; but I have no clue what so ever as too how.

Norman Mailer has been tasteful with his description in the above extract, but we still know what he is describing. And for his vintage I can imagine his peers would be appalled. I have read much more crass a versions for this position.

Only other thing I can think of is from that little extract the 'battering ram" suggests ugly; and "unmentionable" suggests prude. Ugly people and prudes do have sex... and sometimes like in this case they do it together. I think I would like to read the rest of this book/scene and try a little more of his work.

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Iniezione di cancro cervicale

It was suggested to me yesterday; not for the first time that I should go get this injection that is to prevent cervical cancer. I tried very hard for this person to understand that such a suggestion should receive a reply such as "get bent".

I realise that this is a drug for women to prevent us getting cervical cancer; and is being promoted as a good thing. I think it is too soon. I don't think we are aware of the potential long term consequences of this drug. I mean smoking were promoted as healthy for you when it came out and look what we say about it now. I am not about to get jabbed with something now that a few years down the track will be proven to be the potential ruin of my 'sons' lives. Before Della again suggests that my vagina feeling it is being speculated upon; and my hormones are screaming "fertilise me fertilise me" let me continue.

Not so many years ago women were given a certain drug during pregnancies to help with morning sickness or something. It was later discovered that oops, this drug 'causes deformities and was taken off the doctors list. It was promoted as a good thing but it screwed up lives. Correct me if I am wrong... the cervix is the same area, that place that men don't have because they are men; and where our sons kinda materialise. It is a very precious place and should be cared for. Altering that place could have huge ramifications down the line, anyone that has my blood running through it's veins could have the problems this drug might 'cause... Until I know the only thing my sons will get from it is that they will be born circumsized instead of au natural (good thing for a proper Jew; or a women that wants her son's snipped and husband doesn't), I am not going to encourage anyone to do it.

And why is it that women under 25/26 get it for free; are we to dumb to question the possibilities? You can get cervical cancer at any age. Anyway it is my cervix and I'll do what I think is best for it; I am not letting it be part of a huge science project just for them to turn around and say oops. I got enough stuff to pass on to my sons then to add a new science mistake to the list and have all my offspring's offspring's offspring screwed for life.

Yes all the tests say it is ok; but that is what they have said before. I have the source of life clapped between my thighs and I am not going to mess with it, I would rather get cervical cancer and die; then create problems for everyone after me.

Il mio Dio è un Dio geloso

Theytell me that there is no room for jealousy in love. I do not believe that I am totally comfortable with that idea. My God is a jealous God, and he loves me. I was never told jealous meant anything different in Greek or Hebrew or whatever it was written in. It means we don't want to share with anyone else. If my God loves me and is jealous; why can't we? I am not saying that a lover would lock a partner in a closet and never let them spend time with others, but why can't you have the desire not to share that person with anyone else?

I am the queen of not sharing, or so says my family. So why would I want to share my partner? I want only me and him. If I had to share him with another woman, I would be jealous. I don't intend to tattoo his bum with "property of...", I want him to do what he wants, but honestly, in the end, I want him to go home to me.

I want him also to be too jealous about me. (Also not wanting my bum tattoo'ed)

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Per aiutarmi a leggere e scrivere in italiano

Non preoccuparti, non hai risvegliato e scoperto non puoi leggere. Ho pensato che divertirmi a giocare oggi di essere italiano. Ho messo in una traduzione in inglese di seguito. Alcune delle modifiche sono permanenti, come le rubriche (si spera) e la barra laterale. Se volete sapere di che cosa si dice, il traduttore di Google sulla sinistra hanno bisogno di aiuto. Ti prego di perdonare il mio cattivo inglese/italiano. Grazie

Donot worry, you have not awakened and discovered you can not read. I thought it fun to play today to be Italian. I put in a translation into English below. Some of the changes are permanent, such as headings (hopefully) and the sidebar. If you want to know what they say, the Google translator on the left need help. Please forgive my poor English/Italian. Thanks

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Monday, 26 November 2007


I was given a sneak peak into an old blog today. I like old thoughts; there are so many stories there. It is all snatches of thoughts and little bits of feeling. All kinda rambling not nailed down with any details.

I didn't know this person then like I do now. Though as I read I think I would have liked to. I think we would have had some interesting fights... err I mean discussions. Kinda do feel a little like I am prying into the blogs owners secret life; not that they said I couldn't look; though did say I would get stressed and they didn't want me to get stressed. I am not stressed but I got like a million requests for stories now, that you probably don't remember also probably some of those strange questions you seem to fear.

It is interesting though to see some of the places you have changed a little. For someone who was saying you didn't live by rules you had a lot for everyone else. An I would really like to know who it was that you looked at that scared you because you realised they were looking into you; and you into them... I know there are lots more things I want to ask and say about it; but I can't remember off the top of my head.

Thank you for letting me see it though; I know it is a blog and so other people have seen it before me, but I don't see you write like that now. Still it was kinda likes being in a large dark cavern and in it a large pool of water; you can't see where the pool ends. It isn't scary or cold you don't have to be there you could leave and it not make a difference, it's kinda safe and peaceful there though. I just dipped my toes in the water though; but I would like to know what is on the other side of the pool; I don't think I would get lost any more...

How dumb did that last bit sound....

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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Dreaming plans

Yesterday I rashly applied for another job; and with in 1/2 an hour I had an interview. Please note that this is through an agency and from previous experience they don't actually reply let alone get back so quickly particularly when you aply by e-mail and send your resume that way. Kinda a little surprised by it all; anyway I have an interview this afternoon (told present job I am seeing a doctor).

Anyway this morning I trawlled the internet job sites looking at other job offers. Looked at other positions like my own (I didn't apply to another one) then for amusement I had a look at the IT positions, I found one that that made specific requests for certain computer knowledge. Scarily of the list of about 10 things there was only 2 I had not played with. They wanted someone with papers and experience which I don't have and I am not really confident using a few of the ones I can do (as I am always getting them checked and tweaked). I didn't apply but it was really odd looking at it thinking that if I do this IT course in that area; I could triple my present income like straight away.

Kinda cool that thought, could move out to my own place afford a deposit on a house sooner (i.e. 1 year at home would get me the saving equivalent of 3 years (if I am not dumb with my money) But to do all this sooner then later; I would want to do full time study (3 years) part-time is like double that time; feels like so far away and I want to be out of home now... well at least if I was to get this new job; I would get a substantial pay rise.... even if my ideas become plans; that is more saving money.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I have to admit that when I got the link to this interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce; I didn't really think it was going to be any good; so I kinda scrolled over it and read snippets that really stood out. The problem was the more snippets I read the more interested I became. I got the link at 7:00 this morning and it is now 2:53 and I have just finished it; no it isn't that long, nor am I an excessively slow reader; I did have to work also during this time.

It has lots of really good points and kinda runs along with a lot of my ideas about dragging up kids; tv and the likes. Except this comes with science and research to back it up.

Really it is kinda stuff you shouldn't need to prove it is instinct level; or at least it should be (I think anyway). Read it; I loved it you might too.

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Parlo en Poco Italiano!

What do you call it when you aren't dreaming in Italian; but you are defenatly practicing your Italian words your sleep? I think my subconscious is learning faster then I am I listen everyday and go over and over them; I only just moved onto cd2 yesterday. If my subconscious gets to practice during the night as well it just isn't fair, I'll never keep up.

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Vote 1 for Moron!

was scrolling through lifehacker this morning to see what I might of missed and stumbled upon a help to vote link. If I had of known it would have told me how to fill out the stupid piece of paper depending on my answers to the quiz; I might of done it sooner. I have actually voted, great thing religion and voting conflict when it comes to choosing a day to vote. So postal voting it is; I voted and sent it of... there are similariities in my results to what I voted; I put the same ones last as they suggested.

You might find this makes the chore easier for you or have a go just for fun anyway

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007


If you wonders why I require things like my diary to keep track of everything, it is not so that I can be organized; it is so I don't have to deal with shite like I am about to face this weekend. I have a jam packed Saturday ahead; with if I am lucky I will have 1.5 hours at home in which I will eat and get changed. I already squashed someone's plans for partying all Saturday afternoon were I would be expected to help. Well the party is still going ahead just with different people, I won't necessarily be expected to help out this time but I will be expected to eat with them. Here is the delemia the church I will be attending is well known for running late and it is a big event day so it is likely to run even later. So if I get home by 1 I will be glad. I also need to be back at my church by 2:15 at the latest which means I need to leave at 2.

1 hour to get dressed into a full dress uniform (this includes scrounging through the house looking for all the little parts of it) and eating. As the 'party' will be having a leisurely lunch I can't do that too


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Monday, 19 November 2007

Women Speak 101

Lesson 1
When purchasing furniture like objects consider your significant other and how comfortable they would be in the item. Will he dissapear between the cushions on that couch an not be retrieved for 3 days; Will he have to sleep with his knees halfway up his nose in that bed?
Do not discuss with partner or take them shopping

Lesson 2
When considering long term drastic life changes; plan them organise them; but don't tell partner, even though it involves them. It will be too soon, you might frighten him.

Lesson 3
Must know what other people want before they know what they want. Do not give it to them until after they have asked for it.

Lesson 4
Assume motives and attributes (ie 'your a slut') for a person and tell them often but tomorrow tell them how proud they are that you did something that goes against what they were assuming ignore however that they did it over six months ago and you only found out today.

If these make any sense you to I feel very sorry for you. So glad I am my fathers daughter, I missed these classes and now my education is trying to be amended. Little late I think and I am greatful; I can't logically make sense of any of them.

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Sunday, 18 November 2007


I realise it is only November; but I have started to fill out my holidays for next year. This past year has made me realise how far in advance I have to be planing. Espacially as in the last 6 months I got a little slack and people booked me into more then one event at a time. Already I have months almost totally booked up and I have yet to add in the regular things rather then just the incidentals. As far as I know I have all birthdays marked in and time marked to be kept free for special birthdays that will require travelling or whole days to be kept free so that they can be celebrated.

Also started thinking into the fast approaching distant future. Makes me feel like I am in limbo unable to make concrete decisions about it at the moment and having to wait until the time knocks on my door to decide. Provided of course these do knock on my door and I don't wander off down a side track....

Anyway if you want time marked out to hang out; you got to get in now

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Life Manual

I would like a life manual please; I want to be able to look up stupid person and be given the steps which might be taken to get me on the right track. There are so many things I don't understand and things I want to be able to understand. There are things I want to do and I don't know how and to make it harder I don't know what needs to be fixed... it's like playing hide and seek in your own head; and you know how frustrating that can be.

How should decisions be made? should they be practical thought out things or emotive made? What is the one the style that should be used for everything? Do I make the choice about who to love and what car I will buy the same way? If not why?

I want all the hard questions answered; what is trust? Does it have to be in everything? If you lose it or break it where can you get more?

I want a step by step guide for the difficult things. How do you change what you know into what you believe? I know there is a God; but how did I go from that to beliving there is a God? Did I make him jump through hoops? Like "God I will believe in your existence if you find me a car spot..." I found a car spot, now did I find it, did God make it for me, or was it a conisidence?

I don't know the answers to all of the above and many more. I want answers, nay I need answers I am tired of imagining Damaclys's sword.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

vampire like suction

On the inside of my arm I presently have 2 (technically 3) rather large puffy dark bruises. Despite the rumour circulated by close friends; this are not love bites (dunno how I would feel about going out with someone with the suction capabilities to create these) I got these from the string of a freshly fired bow.

Yes I said bow; as in bow and arrow. Yes I was allowed near the potentially deadly weapon and allowed to fire it. It was so much fun. I would take it up as a sport properly; except that I don't think it would help the girth of my bum any. As much as I would like to say I am a natural and that I fired every round successfully and hit my targets with unnervingly accurate aim, I didn't, but I had lots of fun. Even though I don't really have the elbows for it (lets just say my elbows lock further back then yours do) I want to do it again and really soon...

Wanna come with me?

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Monday, 12 November 2007

Nerds night light

I woke up this morning absolutely positive that I was the third day into the week. Yesterday was so long my head has broken it into 2 days and it feels like such a long time since it was the weekend. I want it still to be weekend; being that it was so much fun.

Most of you would be aware that like most people I have the ability to age by one year upon a set date every year. This is a special time for me, where people are known to give me gifts and do special things for me. This time started with the arrival of my favourite personage on Friday afternoon; and basically closed with the same personage leaving Monday morning. I was given wonderful gifts, a mouse and keyboard that match my new computer (black with silver and blue lights) and Italian learning cd's; and some jewellery. All of which are wonderful and have really encouraged me to age again next year, Though I think the company was the bestest gifts of alls.

My keyboard has though decided upon it's self that unless all power is cut from the computer it is never going to shut down; so it has turned my little office space into a no shooting up area; complete with permanent blue light. I have never had a night light before; and it is taking getting used to but it is not so bad; and it also means I can find my bed clothes in the night when they slide off which I have found to be a really good thing.

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Sunday, 11 November 2007

I wants back...

This has to be the longest day in history; I only worked for half of it so that should have made it a fast day. But no I was thinking It must be getting close to 3:30; but no, it was barely even 1:00!!!

Sure I did a few things that would make my day different and I didn't follow to my schedule that I normal follow on a weekday; but still this day has taken for ever to happen... And I didn't even want to get past the morning!!!

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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Book Muncher

I unpacked my library this morning... I couldn't sleep work up really early (wonder why that was) anyway I desided for a change I would move my non fiction to the bigger bookcase and put the fiction in the little one and also in what was left of the big one. It was no surprise to me that in moving the non fiction to the bigger case that it only took up a couple of shelves; how ever


What was once a full and over flowing two case library, has lots of missing books!!! I am not going to point any fingers yet as I have no clue as to whom they should be pointed at; but I have shelves that are empty!

It can't be just that I have rearranged things; I had books coming out my ears before and now I have huge spaces... Other then being non fiction and fiction I haven't put them in their correct order but that shouldn't matter they kinda weren't any more anyway. Leave that for when I have koha up and running right.

But I feel like the pride of my heart has had a big chunk eaten out of it... they must be somewhere.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Mobile Phone

Was looking at my phone today; I broken the cover and whilst everything still works, the cover being broken how it is makes it difficult to move the camera about and it dosn't lock when I flip it open; so I was thinking now the majority of my past projects are complete; I might build myself a new cover for my phone; perhaps redesign it a little too. It is a little LG U8360 and I am off to see what I can do with it.

Watch this space for updates on my project... here is one someone made earlier.

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Monday, 5 November 2007

Sim Update

Latest update, a new family has joined the neighbourhood, Ruby and Chris, they are a married couple. Also married are Peter and Karina; Uni sweethearts... and Kat and Glen, at first hug. Thought you might like to see some more footage of them. so here goes. This is footage from Kat and Glen's home. Kat doing a rendition as a lamp shade (now married and running flat chat chasing the twins she hasn't done this in a while).... and some footage of Glen fighting Kat's ex (note: Kat did not break up with her ex before she got married; and she invited the ex to the wedding he walked in on them whoohooing to make the twins)Sadly as you will see Glen lost and I did find him crying about it for a while; but his little girls have really taken his mind off the past.

Yes the families are now breeding. Glen and Kat have twin daughters, Winter-rain and Summer-Sky. Ruby and Chris have a daughter Dejay and a son Martin and will probably continue breeding until they get to old to do so anymore. And Peter and Karina had a daughter Peta-Daniella. Not enough enough boys to really start the inter breeding; but Martin is a start and prehaps there will be more boys.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Whining Mules

Would you like to know what irritates me a lot. People who look at the current situation and deciding that I am doing things for a reason that suits them. Their reason being incorrect and they stupid arrogant mules who can not be told other wise.

Take for instance my room. I have been planing it for months and finally have actually done the painting. Took 2 weeks but it is done. The mules have got it into their head that I have done it so that a visitor that is coming to our place can see it. If this was the case I would have had to start a lot earlier; do to the fact I am a lazy little person and now I have painted I can garentee it is going to take me months to unpack my room. Yes it is painted; but it is going to be trashed by boxes for a very long time; so the visitor isn't really going to get a good look anyway.

Recently as you might be aware I have off handedly started to learn Italian properly. The mules have decided I am learning it for good impression reasons; totally ignoreing the fact I have kinda been trying to learn it for years; I'd just recently found a free language tutor online; so I could take a step up from watching movies in Italian with English subtitles.

Why do people always assume there has to be a hidden agenda? I realise that these 2 examples fit neatly into the mules designs for my future. But is it to hard to fathom that I might be doing it for fun? Or finally turning my ideas into actions? Wait silly me; I must have an agenda with which to manipulate people with.

While I am whinging about stupid mules, "Stop Planning my wedding! I am no where near even considering the event and Your not going to be in it anyway!"

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