Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I'll succhiare la vostra, se succhiare miniera ...

So Klara turned head to foot and put her most
unmentionable part down on his hard-breathing nose and mouth and
took his old battering ram into her lips.

As a writer it does interest me occasionally the different awards that are handed out and today I was sent an article on the bad sex in fiction award.Personally I would be appalled with myself if I was to receive this award, but I have to admit I think that little bit that was posted with the comment, "...leaves little to the imagination." was really quite creatively written. Especially when you consider that the author has recently moved to realm of the muses at the age of 84.

I am not sure why he got awarded the prize; unless of course the scene falls apart further on; or that it's description is such that people can visualise what is happening so clearly that they a disconcerted by bodily reactions I am not sure.

I have not read a lot of this sort of thing; but at least I know what they are doing. Far to often it is written with a seeming veil draped over the seen and you end up with, I know the characters had sex for the last three pages; but I have no clue what so ever as too how.

Norman Mailer has been tasteful with his description in the above extract, but we still know what he is describing. And for his vintage I can imagine his peers would be appalled. I have read much more crass a versions for this position.

Only other thing I can think of is from that little extract the 'battering ram" suggests ugly; and "unmentionable" suggests prude. Ugly people and prudes do have sex... and sometimes like in this case they do it together. I think I would like to read the rest of this book/scene and try a little more of his work.

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