Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Poveri Jesse ha tagliato

Last night I watched a beautiful movie, which had beautiful people in it and had beautiful costumes. It was called 'One knight with the king". I have to admit there were a few things that caught my attention in the negative, the biblical story that this movie was based on there were a few things they missed out (though as technically it was based on a book; which was based on the biblical perhaps there is a good reason for this). I am not sure what the budget was like for this movie; it did have the most beautiful costumes (though some characters looked a little ungainly in them) how ever in one scene I think I caught a glimpse of a price tag on the underneath of a cup... ok, if the person hadn't drunk out of it I wouldn't have seen it, then again I might be incorrect and need my eyes fixed.

My biggest complaint is that the character of Jesse (played by Jonah Lotan) I think should have had a much larger coverage. I realise that in giving his story more coverage the rating might of changed; but he lost a lot in this story and I don't think his loss is compensated for. I would have much rather not seen Haman's story and the rest of the intrigue of the court and seen more of Jesse. He is almost forgotten about and considering the relationship he had with Hadassah at the beginning of the movie I think it is totally unfair. I also think it is unfair that I can only find one picture of him in the movie... and it is off the back of his head!!!

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