Monday, 12 November 2007

Nerds night light

I woke up this morning absolutely positive that I was the third day into the week. Yesterday was so long my head has broken it into 2 days and it feels like such a long time since it was the weekend. I want it still to be weekend; being that it was so much fun.

Most of you would be aware that like most people I have the ability to age by one year upon a set date every year. This is a special time for me, where people are known to give me gifts and do special things for me. This time started with the arrival of my favourite personage on Friday afternoon; and basically closed with the same personage leaving Monday morning. I was given wonderful gifts, a mouse and keyboard that match my new computer (black with silver and blue lights) and Italian learning cd's; and some jewellery. All of which are wonderful and have really encouraged me to age again next year, Though I think the company was the bestest gifts of alls.

My keyboard has though decided upon it's self that unless all power is cut from the computer it is never going to shut down; so it has turned my little office space into a no shooting up area; complete with permanent blue light. I have never had a night light before; and it is taking getting used to but it is not so bad; and it also means I can find my bed clothes in the night when they slide off which I have found to be a really good thing.

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Go the blue light district!

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