Monday, 24 September 2007

Sex Sells?

Was driving home from work the other day and I saw a an on the side of a bus stop. It was hot pink with bold print on it. The print said Stimulation Between The Sheets. In the quick glance I could not see what it was actually trying to sell me. So the next day whilst I was stopped at traffic lights near the sign again I had another look. down at the bottom taking up not to much space on the sign was a rolled up news paper. Not just any news paper but the Australian Financial Review.

Maybe it is just me; but if you reckon your going to get more sex by buying and reading the Australian Financial Review. I think you need then a little more help. It is supposed to be a factual piece of media all about money and stuff like the stock exchange. Only way it is likely to get you laid is by attracting a gold digger who will leave you when she finds out you don't have any money.

Best thing to do is read it for the information you want and then line the bird cage with it.

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Mm, somehow the FinRev still remains deeply unsexy... At least you didn't crash your car and die, though, while being distracted by the ad!

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