Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I had a dream...

Last night when I slept I dreamt I was at my eldest brothers wedding. Oddly enough he was finally getting married, to someone called Amanda. Anyway I was sitting up the back of the church putting the final ribbons on the table decorations when my brother showed up. As he walked down the front of the church to wait for his bride I turned to our mother and asked.

"He's not wearing that is he? He is going to change?"

He was wearing his good black pants (which I assume he bought for the wedding) his brown suede slip on shoes. He'd brushed his hair but had not tied it back as usual but he had not shaved. And he was wearing not one but 2 bright coloured flannelette shirts. I was horrified. Our mother just shrugged and said

"You know what your brother is like."

Obviously I didn't know what he was like. I had expected more from him. An I couldn't make anyone understand my problem with it.


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