Sunday, 23 September 2007

Attention All Gentlemen

Or not so gentlemen.

If you think the sight of bare womens breasts are a wonderful sight and would like to see more of them in public; please come to NSW we are about to have more in public.

From what I understand NSW is about to put a ban on the ban of women breast feeding in public. Not sure exactly how breastfeeding is actually ruled upon however. Does it mean only one breast can be exposed at once? In that case what about twins and dual feeding. Does it mean it can only be exposed when someone is feeding upon it, is there an age limit for the breast feeder, or can 4 year olds and husbands feed in public also? Is there a time limit on how long can the breast be exposed? Can we all walk around with a boob hanging out because well we'll breast feed at some point, maybe not today or even this year, but soon.

I realise that all this points are kind of stupid; but honestly I do not agree with the ban of the ban. I do not see this as an equality for women. I can only see this as another step down for us. It is not equality, it is another of the secret women's business being put on public display. You won't see ads for men's condoms on TV during prime time viewing; but you'll see ad's for women's sanitary products. Congratulations yes, it is a natural thing for women to breastfeed (and bleed); but this does not mean it should put it on display. I am tired of having my secrets out on public display; in fact I dunno that there are any left.

At one time we were women; we mystified men, and they desired to know our secret's. Now we are PMS driven milking cows that walk on two legs.

Therefore gentlemen, if you like the sight of a naked, large, milk heavy breast and don't mind possibly seeing a mouth clamped tightly upon it. Please visit NSW we are about to get a lot of them. But don't expect to see mine; they are not for public viewing.

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Love youre writting ... like your post, i dint actually know there was a ban - but then i dont have kids so wasnt something i needed to worry about, but personally am all for the breastfeeding ... the thing i wanna see changed is the tax on pads an tampons... using your argument - sex is optional (condoms arent taxed), bleeding is not.

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