Wednesday, 12 September 2007

And it started out such a nice day

You quite possibly remember my post the other day about my problem with unwired. (If you don't read it now) I now have an update for you.

We are now the day of 48 hours after the call I made to change the address on Tuesday. About 11 I thought I would call and confirm that I would receive my modem today. I called up and went through the irritating thing of being identified, and asked about my delivery. The girl I spoke to said the computer said it needed to confirm my delivery address. I repeated it to her alarm bells going of in my head. So I asked if I would be receiving my modem today. Which I was told oh no I should have received it yesterday at my initial address and if no one was there should have a card telling me to contact the courier company to arrange a new drop off.

I told her on no that should not be the case as I changed the address on Tuesday. She told me that that would take 48 hours I said yes that is what I was told when I changed it and I was expecting my delivery at the new address today. Which I was informed, the change of address didn't go through, and I needed to contact the courier company and ask them to deliver else where.

During this conversation I was basically told "I am sorry this is your fault" "excuse me don't be rude" To the later I told her "I was not being rude and I could be if she wished" (not my exact words) I also thanked her for her help and hung up on her, I could not bring myself to actually say goodbye any politer than that. I was physically shaking when I hung up the phone, and one of my colleagues commented. I later checked with her that I wasn't rude (being as she had obviously been eaves dropping) she said I sounded annoyed but not rude which was a relief.

It is now my responsibility to chase it up with the courier. When I called the courier I had to remind myself to be nice it wasn't their fault unwired are a bunch of arse wipes. Things are now in the process of being sorted out. I wrote a letter of complain to the company too, I am pleased with it, it is my first letter of complaint and is about a page long. I am not expecting to hear anything from them in fact I am more expecting to get a black spot on my name and seriously worse service next time I have to deal with them.

I think I am still stuck in 6months of a contract maybe a year might have to check. If anyone has suggestions on:

  1. How to get out of it (legaly)
  2. A better isp
I would be very greatful; and I would like to encourage everyone not to join unwired. Yes they are much more conveniant but the customer service is complete crap! This is my present unwired horror story.

It was such a nice day when I woke this morning the sun was shining the birds were singing (ok so it was still dark and I could only hear snoring) but it was going to be such a good day!


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