Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Not Pinochio!

I have a small little gripe lately. It is only a little thing but it is starting to bug me again. Family members and close acquaintances are once again trying to encourage me to go out and actively find myself a boyfriend. Yes I know I have not yet been claimed as someone's girlfriend. I also am aware that I am in my mid twenties and have still not had a boyfriend. In fact in all those years no male has really actually shown any interest in me.

I am kinda happy with the way things are. Sure I wake up some mornings and wish my life was different/better. But I am generally content. Am I not good enough just as I am? Why is it so important that I rush out and grab me a man right now? Worse yet is when they are trying to sets me up with one of their choosing. An should I tell them I had a boyfriend they would want to see him, meet him, talk to him... An presently I would really loath having them and him in the same building. It isn't that I wouldn't like him enough etc, but suddenly they would be trying to run the relationship for me. The day I hear " you and (insert male's name) should go and do (insert activity) tonight." or anything of that sort of advice I will wants to scream at them.

I want to run a relationship (and possibly stuff it up) on my own (the guy can help). I don't want to be pushed into dating someone because I should be I don't want to have the people around me running the relationship from behind the scenes, next I'll know I'd be marrie
d with 2 kids and one on the way and no freaking idea what I am doing.

I am not a puppet on strings. I want to be able to wreak my own life!!!

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