Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Soft Chocolatey Goodness

The Heavenly goodness of profiteroles. Not as healthy as Caramel apples but just as yummy. You can fill them with savoury or sweet, or even have them empty. The biggest and best profiteroles I have ever had are by Pie in the Sky in Erina. They are so good you'll almost never find any there. So you got to get in early or make a special order. For delicious bite sized profiteroles; you can't go past the french Kitchen in Castle Hill. They sell party foods for doing your own catering. So they come in a box full of them in 3 different types; don't let the white topped ones fool you; They are deliciously yummy. If you find yourself in possession of a box, I dare you to stop at eating just one... wait I will be nice you can have one of each flavour, bet you can't do it you have to have more! In fact I feel like I would like one right now...

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