Monday, 15 October 2007

God's Jigsaw puzzle

Was looking at the 360 degree angles of myself not sure that I was exactly pleased with the truth of what I obviously look like. God must have had fun piecing me together. Where my back and legs meet he has grafted on my fathers bum; where my head and neck kinda meet he's plastered on my mothers chin. He's given me fair skin so that scars are not easily visible but stretch marks look like windows into my body expressing themselves in the colours of my internals. He's stretched out my body to make me appear (at least to my self) not as fat as I am; and then thrust underneath it short stocky legs to support it all to the end of which he attached long narrow feet and didn't put the toes on straight. He gave me nice feminine hands and unembarrassing forearms and he screwed them on to large blubber filled shopping bag like upper arms. Upon my face he has put a large dash of freckles and the ability to turn red faced quickly. I have a forehead that can support a fringe or no fringe what ever takes the fancy at the time then I was gifted tiny eyes mouth and nose which he pushed into large cheeks.

I am not going to go into how I have made it worse; but in the end at least I suppose he's also set into someone's head that all that is beautiful and they want it.

Thanks for all the pic's of the trip Sparky!

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i love ya beautiful :)

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