Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Windows Dumb Arses!

I bought a nice cd this afternoon. Lots of soft sweet songs that I like. Anyway took it back to work to put it on the computer so I can listen to it when I am there. Well the problems that has 'caused. I have always considered windows to be the idiots operating System and that that idiots are taken into account when Windows is designing their stuff. Well this is not to be the case in the use of Windows media player. what I bought was a double cd, so I put the first cd and it ripped the cd; the names and everything matching (I was to find out this wasn't the case but I will get to that). Then I put the second cd in... it ripped but the names didn't change; suddenly there was John Farnham singing your the voice and windows media claiming that it was westlife singing you raise me up; and you raise me up by westlife was no where to be seen. Got that kinda sorted out then looked at the titles... there were 17 songs on cd one as usual; but song 3 and 4 weren't there; there was however 2 songs called I hope you dance. and a song that wasn't even on the cd; and Last I checked my spelling (yes I am aware I can't spell) throw was spelt without a U, it is spelt T-H-R-O-W not t-h-r-o-u-w!!! grr grr grr; once I got cd 1 sorted out I discovered that though when I put cd 2 they showed the song titles for cd 2 now; they still had the artists of the cd 1. I was so fed up I ripped it as is but so irritated what moron put that together?!?!

I consider myself to be some what computer competent, I wonder what someone not as skilled as myself would do. Honestly it is a bloody mine field someone might die. So much for idiot proof.

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