Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Peeling Paint

Not sure whether I have been paid any attention too, but I finally got a little off my chest today about a friend that has been bothering me for sometime. In one view I quite possibly ripped shreds from her and made sever emotional damage if I have; I would apologise, but I don't think I would be sorry. Someone was going to have to say it at some point preferably before she did something completely stupid. An I am that long standing stupid friend that gets fed up with it and asks kindly for them to pull their lip over the head and to please swallow.

I tried to be kinda but I was kinda tired of holding my tongue so I might of done it a little unkindly. But the facts as I saw it were as such an I figured she needed to know. I would love to be able to say I been there I done that; but I can't. When I was there doing that I knew why I was. I still have no clue about why she does it.

Hopefully I haven't made things worse for other people around her. I was trying to assist, not make things worse.

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