Tuesday, 28 August 2007

This is so childish

Ok now I have had three replies back from Doberman breeders. All of which saying they were no longer breeding Doberman pup's. The third of which gave me their reason for doing this. "Sorry we have no pups available due to tail docking ban."

Now I know that there are a lot of reasons for and against docking a dogs tail. An I personally do like the look of a doberman with a docked tail and military style cropped ears (both of which I understand you can not do now); but in the end you should want the dog for it's personality temperament and companionship; especially if all the signs you post on your breeders web page say you can only have a dog if you swear not to breed it or show it etc.

It is a childish move by Doberman breeders to all to decide to no longer breed because you can't chop the dogs tail off. It isn't going to get the ban lifted for you; in fact due to media portrayal of a Doberman in movies and the like it is more likely to encourage it as people will think it is one less 'dangerous' dog gone. You are getting rid of a line of dogs in Australia, and the few that will be left will be so interbreed that it will completely destroy the line.

Are you in it for the dogs or the fashion!


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