Thursday, 16 August 2007

Dream; Dream; Dream...

When I need you....

Last night I dreamed I went on a holiday with my family and my 3 favourite males (not something I would really do) Anyway somehow my boys and I got separated from my family and were chased by pirates. We got caught when we reached the swinging bridge; as the pirates knew the area well and swung in on vines and surrounded us.

Things weren't to bad on the pirate ship. Well not for me at least as one of the crew members was my cousin. I didn't see my male friends though they disappeared. A few days later I found them down in the bowels of the boat. They were laying on crates and were chained up unable to leave the small space. On the wall was a head of a beast; I thought it was just a decoration until I saw it look at me.

Up on deck I found out that the pirates where going to cut my friends heads off and give them to me to take him as a reminder of the trip. I wasn't very fond of this plan (I like my friends to keep their heads) so I arranged with my cousin that she will save them for me. I gave her my jewellery box for payment. At the last meal before I was going to be set down to go home (still intact) this pirate gave me a present to show how glad he was to have met me (he was kinda creepy) it was my jewellery box. I freaked out a lot and thought my friends where done for.

I was let off the boat at the dock and I made a beeline for the place where my cousin said she would meet me. She wasn't there and neither were my boys. I knew I couldn't hang around so I tried to push aside the panic and wandered around the little port. Before I couldn't wait any longer and went and checked the spot again; she still wasn't there.

Then my mobile rang. I answered and it was her. She said she was coming and just wait. Her voice was very very calm. I was really nervous; then I saw her coming down the escalator. My 3 favourite males in toe. I was so relieved. I hugged my cousin gratefully (ok so more like grabbed her and spun her around; I was so happy to see them all in one piece again). One of my friends commented to the other males how my cousin got a hug and they didn't; so I hugged him too.

I woke up then my heart was still racing.

Whenever I want you
All I got to do
is Dream...


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