Sunday, 26 August 2007


You know that feeling of falling you have occasionally when your sleeping and you wake up and your heart is pounding in your chest and your breathing is rapid. I been dreaming it (and waking) a lot lately, and I am not even jumping off cliffs or parachuting to find that I am wearing my back pack rather than a parachute. I am just getting off the escalator; darn slippery things.

My list is still kinda sitting awaiting fulfilment.

My room is still trashed; the colours chosen curtain material bought but no freaking idea what to do with the stuff in my room at present so that I can paint. Thinking I should pull my finger out tonight and just shove everything I got into boxes and move them out and deal with the mess when I unpack later.

My dog. We are still at a standstill over this one. I am constantly being advised just to bring my dog home and make my mother deal with it. If I was not a grown up mature very aware of how I wish people to treat me and had not read and reread my etiquette book till it's cover is almost falling of; I would. This however is not the case and I am trying to do it the correct way. The standstill is that my mother is not saying yes or no without a 'contract' which has consequences if the dog and I ruin her horrid unused backyard.

My Program Ok so we are making a little progress here. It is coming together and every day I am discovering how big a bite I am trying to chew. At a small dilemma presently with my codes but when that is sorted I should be able to progress a little further. Also a tonight thing prehaps

My computer. Well here I will have to say the most progress has been made. I now have a shopping list. Two more small things to sort out and I will be ready to build. Yay; though I would like to have a fresh painted brand new room to put it into.

That is about all my list now. There are other things I really want on my list and a few things sitting on the edge of my list begging to be done but I don't think I have the present rational capabilities to make those decisions just yet.


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