Monday, 27 August 2007


I was talking to a person last night about dogs. It was a shock for me to discover that they might have such an ignorance about dogs. They insisted that dogs are ignorant and dopey and where created to bite people.

Generally dogs that bite have had poor leadership. Also a dog will let you know that he is thinking you are being threatening; so you can not be bitten and not know it wasn't coming.

Dogs are pack animals and I think that humans have a lot we could learn from them.

When you meet a dog; introduce yourself. Don't cringe; pull away or run away screaming. Get down to the dogs level; extend your hand to it. Keep your body language open and calm. Wait for the dog to come to you. After he greets you; then you are welcome to pat him; don't forget to praise him for coming and saying hello.

Crotch sniffing, yes crotch sniffing is an embarrassing dog trait which we wish they never did. But dogs mark their territories by sent; if you watch a dog meet another dog, they great and then go around and sniff their butts. Basically they are learning what smell means they are on that dogs territory. It is like we learning to spell a persons name. Your crotch has the strongest smell of you and the dog is trying to learn your sent. It is what they do; but you can assert your 'dominant dog' status and push them away.

Seriously if you show a dog respect he will show you respect. If a person yelled at me and raised fists to hit me; I would back away they are defensive and need just a little more space. So when a dog growls and shows his teeth do people it is the same thing; as on a person though don't turn your back and run. In this situation you are immediately giving the dog alpha dog status; he is in charge of the situation and he will exert his position over you.

Dogs are smart and intuitive. They can't tell you in English when you hurt them but they mannerisms and behaviour will. How many times have you done something silly and a dog has looked at you his head cocked to the side; if he was able to speak he'd probably say. "I know your human but are you really that stupid?"

I love dogs best animal on the planet, and I can't understand why people are happy to live in their ignorance. When I finally get my dog we are going to visit the person I was talking to and give them an intensive meet and greet dog understanding weekend.


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