Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Last Call

I am so very tired I've tried being something else; apparently as that, I am a repulsive bitch. An being me just makes me upset all the time. Memories of why I tried not to be me come back. I am always the other person, the third wheel, the last resort (if death an illness aren't an option). I have done everything, I've asked guys out and I have dumped guys; but i didn't do it for me. Never once did a guy look at me they just saw my friends/the girls I worked for. I don't understand why I just don't measure up.

I just got so tired of being left. So tired of picking up the pieces for everyone else. So tired of holding myself together because if I didn't there would be no one to pick up the pieces. It's like being the last doll in the shop. I'll go back to the manufacterour unopened and untouched because everyone else already has their doll.

My life is once again of existence only when you have a problem. It's always been there my inability to put myself ahead of others. My ability to bend over backwards to find solutions for your problems. My ears to listen to your problems no matter what they were. And my heart to accept you no matter that yesterday you broke my heart and tomorrow your going to rip out my guts. Today I am here for you.


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