Sunday, 19 August 2007

Mr Darcy

Since I have Pride and Prejudice on my mind at the moment; it has lead me to ask this bizarre question. Would a Mr Darcy like person marry another Mr Darcy like person. I have to admit I do have a Mr Darcy like streak to myself such as the belief that, 'My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.' Though I think most people do not see this as something they should be concerned about. I too have troubles getting my head and my heart to agree. My head say, no you can not have that, it doesn't want you, it is above your station. My heart says mwah ha ha! You are going to love it despite the rationality of your head. I also usually run on the belief that my heart is evil and must be ignored till I can bare it no longer. Would a person like that find a match in another person like that?

I suppose I have my good points too. I have the fighting spirit of Elizabeth also Jane's ability to still want what has been denied her and look upon these feelings as an illness which must be cured. I have also at times pretended to be Lydia, so much effort, and so much trouble it was almost not worth it.


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