Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Slumber Land

Dreamed again last night we were driving around I had my car (no flat tyres) we paused on the side of the road for a second and I went across and got into another car to ask a question and suddenly continued on leaving my car behind. The lady in the car pointed my attention to a huge sprawling area of land were there were kids camping. She told me how her company was going to sell it all and build high risers soon.

As we came to the edge of the land I made them pull over it was very beautiful and relaxing and I thought it would be nice to camp there so we got out of the car to have a look around. There was a nice river running through all crystal clear and flowing. We heard kids further up the river saying not to go in there were red diamond adders in the water.

Once again a creature you are more than likely unfamiliar with. It is an amphibious snake, it isn't really dangerous to humans only because we are to big to fit into their mouths whole but they have a very nasty bite. They are about 1 metre in length. Their attack is to strike and swallow their victim whole; no strangling and no venom. They are brown like small stones with the 3 red diamonds just at the back of it's head. In the water these 3 diamonds are the only thing that distinguish it from the bottom of the river.

Of course I went over to the river and found one. I picked it up just behind the head with one hand and a little further down the body with the other (just as any Australian would... (people Steve Erwin was an idiot! not a hero at some point an animal was going to take him anyway... the croc's are just jealous a stingray got to do it)) it thrashed around something crazy. the more it thrashed; the tighter I held on. Till I realised that when I let go he was going to turn around and bite me. I had to ask the man to take it from me and let it loose.

As the man took the snake out of my hands I woke up.


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