Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Spider Man

The day has barely even started and already my heart has raced at above normal speeds. All I can think about it that episode in Couplings...

"You get a glass and a piece of card. You put the glass over the spider. You slide the piece of card under the glass so trapping the spider. Then you take it our side and let it lose in the wild."

Spider man Spider man doing what ever a spider can...

If you are wondering what brought this on I had an encounter with a spider this morning. A big brown hairy spider. He was sitting on my right shoulder. As I picked up the phone to answer it I saw him initially I thought it was a stray chunk of hair then just as I said hello he moved down my arm. I have never sworn at a potential customer before. Luckily for me it was my mother and I am sure had it not been once I recovered and explained the discovery to a customer things would have been ok anyway. I shook him off on to my desk and finished the phone call. (during which my colleague came over to find out about why I had the sudden desire to swear quite so loudly.) Then I got a small styrofoam box and a piece of card as per Patrick's instructions; (I didn't want to use a glass)and I took him outside. Whilst my colleague, the brave man that he is, kept a long distance away and requested that I don't put him anywhere near his car.

I don't mind spiders. I used to keep one down the back of my bookcase; though mostly it was for his protection I lengthened his life a couple of weeks that way... till mum found him. But they are such quiet little creatures that they have a habit of scaring the crap out of you when they appear on you shoulder.

"If your like some people and you find a spider on one arm and a have a chainsaw in the other hand... " (Ken Davies)


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