Tuesday, 14 August 2007


I went and saw the movie fractured last night. It was really good; what appears to be a straight forward story has an essence of frustration as the bottom falls out of a straight forward court case. The Lawyer and good guy Willy Beachum is played by Ryan Gosling (from the notebook); he has one foot already in the fast lane and just needs to finish up this case to get the other foot there. He thinks he's hit the big time and when the bad guy choses him as opposing council he doesn't question why, he sees it as an open and shut case.

The bad guy Ted Crawford is played by Anthony Hopkins (best known as Hannibal Lector) it takes very little imagination to realize that if Anthony is playing this role the character is going to be a very calculating genius. Ted Crawford is an amazing character, he's calculating and has everything figured down to the finest detail. Ted selects Willy as his opposing council and the two of them build an interesting relationship.

It is a good movie. Everything is put down in front of you and it is logical worked through. It doesn't jump about showing you bits here and bits there; just shows you how things happened. It is like a jigsaw puzzle all the pieces are there, but you can't use them. I should like to watch it again sometime.


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