Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Please leave your life at the door.

I got the forms for the camp of death last night. And though my position in the company has changed. My position on this camp has not. Last year I almost died. I succeeded but I still almost died. With that as my prior experience only a crazy person would consider tackling it again. Well my form already has my death certificate stapled to it just in case it is required; best to be prepared. For this trip we should carry about 1/3rd our body weight. Last year I carried 30 kg's in case you think that was a lot (it was trust me) going on my body weight I could carry more. Must pack less this time; considering leaving the food behind this time. Wasn't like I ate it anyway. (please note this is a joke and I do intend to take food; do not attend camp of death without food). Ok; smile.... get excited....., Camp of Death will be great!!!


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