Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wedding Day

Well I have finally got my act together, and posting some pictures of my wedding (it was only about 3 months 11 days ago...). Therefore, in order of appearance, I give you The Bridal Party.

The gentlemen actually came up from the front and walked us down the ailse (with the exception of the younger 3). In the little kids photo, there are actually 4 of them.
Not sure where the youngest absconded too, but he is around. Likely he is playing with the cars I put down the front to serve as a distraction.
As you can see, it was actually a rather large bridal party (apparently).
Some of the guests, well the ones who frequent my blog anyway. An lastly Some photo's that were kind fun.

Well that is about it. A little taste of this special day. If your wondering about the chicken, she made her first appearance at my hens night, and just kept turning up from there on. I didn't even know she was there as the mascot for our car. I suppose she makes a different mascot to pretty dolls, in dresses. I've still got her around here somewhere, just not to sure what to do with her.

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