Monday, 20 April 2009

Ba na na na na Na, Ba na na na Na...

On saturday night, I dehydrated some banana. Once I was back on my feet, it wasn't catching up on the 3-4 weeks house work that had me pottering around in the kitchen. It was finding a use for the aging banana's in the fridge. There wasn't enough banana for banana bread (Something SH* adores) an they were a little to ripe for it anyway. So I got out our dehydrator and sliced them semi finely, quickly soaked them in lemon juice and spread them out, finally I sprnkled them with cinamin and sugar (my cinamin comes with sugar mixed in).

I probably would have liked to dehydrate them for longer then I did (only did them for about 4 hours), but I was going to a wedding on Sunday, an knowing it was going to be an early start an not to sure when my SH* would get fed food, I packed them up and took them with us to tied him over (packed chips, crackers, baby apple pies and banna cake also (managed to forget to bring drink)).

It wasn't a long wait for food, but SH* did scoff down a few whilst he waited and took the rest for lunch today. He complained when he saw them dehydrating that there was cinamin on them, but didn't seem to mind so much when it actually came eating time.

It was a nice easy treat. I think I will try it again some time. Prehaps with not so ripe banana's and a little longer soak in lemon juice (as they got quite brown). Will take photo's next time.


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