Saturday, 25 April 2009

Banana round 2

Made more dried banana the other day. Still had loads of banana bread in the freezer, and was given at least 10 banana's from family whilst I was sick. These banana's were not as ripe as the others had been, so I cut them all up a and washed them in lemon juice an laid them out on the racks, filled 3 and a bit racks. One and a bit racks I covered in cinnamon and turned the dryer on to a medium heat.

I wasn't in a hurry this time, so I dried them for 16 hours. This time they didn't turn dark brown, and that made me super happy. I filled a whole jar full of the banana's when it was done.

We're keeping them on the table to hopefully dissuade us from eating potato chips and encourage us to eat healthy banana chips... SH* is hooked... I am taking a little more convincing. One day i should cook an mash up potato an make potat chips.... we'll see I don't think it will quite be the same



can't work out how the comments thing works - but just wanted to say "hi" - so "hi" ... hope ya having fun, and glad that you are fully freed of the dreaded tonsils and never again need you suffer the pain they bring!

toodles tonsils!


Have you thought about making banana pancakes with spelt wheat and storing them in cellopane in the fridge?

Love Dad

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