Monday, 27 April 2009

Jam - Door Jam - Toe Jam & other Lovely Jam

I finally got my new jars today. Usually I make my preserves on Sunday, but this week I was prepared anticipating my new jars.

In my fridge I had:

  • Dark Plums
  • Figs
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet Plums
  • Cucumbers
  • Apples
All in anticipation of today. The parcel arrived at 8:40am. I tried very hard to put off opening the package, as I knew the moment I did that there would be no turning back. So I went downstairs and put on a wash, then I cliped my nails (as no one likes to find nail in their preserves). Then I opened the package. Joy's of joys, 12 beautiful quilted 'Jelly Jars' and 12 Wide mouthed 'Canning Jars'.

Of course I couldn't help myself out came the figs first, I peeled them deheaded them and added a little water and sugar an supervised till it melted down into a gell. put it in a jar and processed it.

I had barely put the fig jam into the water bath when I was hulling the strawberries. The quantity of useful strawberries I had was disappointing, but I managed to squeeze 2 jars of strawberry jam out of them.

Then I started on the plums. This was the first jam that required added pectin. I had about 1.5 kilo's of dark plums (minus the few that where eaten). I think I may have been a little impatient in the making of this jam, I think it is only lightly set, but it still tastes awesome. I made enough for 5 jars, plus with a little left over that I put in a dish in the fridge for instant consumption. Yummy Plum Jam. Toast with jam for the next few meals!

I was so chuffed by how easy it was that I thought I would tell you all about it, before I even go an rescue the clothes from the washing machine (3 hours later). An even before I have lunch, though I may have filled any cravings for food buy taste testing the jams.

I do have pictures to add, but I need to download them first. Will upload soon.


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