Monday, 13 April 2009

The End is in Sight

I finally managed my first meal in 9 days. After discovering totally buy accident that I was swallowing my own spit without my whole body bracing against the pain. I rushed too the kitchen and made a waffle (packet waffle) with icecream. I didn't have long till some of the pain meds would wear off.

It was the first time the pain meds had obviously been able to cover the muscle movement involved in swallowing. Like a happy delerious puppy I wolfed down the beautiful meal. As I came to the end I felt some of the pain coming back, but I pushed it aside so I could finish.

It's been some up an down time in the 9 days. Some excrutiating pain times, some expected an some rather bizare. There have been medications of all sorts cosying up to me under the coveres. There were displays sleeping skills not seen since my bout of glandular fever. The culmination of rain and bed rest brought out episodes of inspector Pirot and snuggling on the couch with my super special SH*.

Easter passed me by with the inability to eat easter eggs and hotcrossed buns. SH* did give me easter eggs for easter, but I have not yet had a hot crossed bunny, an now the last are going stale in the supermarket, and missed out. I will have to make up for it next year.

Tonsil's your rule over my life has almost completely diminished!! YAY!!!



Glad you're feeling better :)

BTW, I've tagged you for the seven things meme :-P


you've been tagged...again!


What a great site, and it contains some of the things i like to do EAT.

Love always


I wish i had been there to comfort and assist.

Love Dad

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