Monday, 6 April 2009

The invalid

Well I just got home from a 24 hour visit to hospital. I am snuggled up in bed, with a big bowl of pasta, peas an cheese, typing away on SH*'s computer, whilst he is down washing clothes.

My journy to hospita was to full fill a long held desire to have my tonsils removed. This was done at 9:45 am yesterday. It is the weirdest feeling to be at hospital waiting for surgery feeling totally fine. Was so greatful when they said I could wear my own underpants. An they gave me a nice big fluffy robe to wear over their nightie. An when i was finally in the pre op the gave me a toasty blanket too, wich they got out of the toasting cupboard. They wheeled me into surgery in a wheel chair an aske me to climb on to the table. it was a warm table, they had had a heater on it till I was ready to get up on it. I helped the anethatist find the only vein in my body suitable for a canular, then I went into a deep deep sleep.

I woke up in post op with nurse next to me... I was still realy sleepy, but the nurse never left the side of my bed an I felt I was supposed to wake up an be sociable. So I tried... She gave me two big white pills (which I could swallow without breaking up at last) Then moved me up to my ward. I did lots of sleeping after that, waking up to show SH* I was fine an sending him off to work, which he hadn't done whilst I was in surgery like the intial plan. I was kinda woken hourly by nurses comeing an cheaking my blood presure an oxygen levels, an changing my IV bag. The lady in the bed next to me would have been amusing had I not wantted to sleep so much... She had a 2 hour tirade where she told her daughters off for not being there an how she was going to die just to spite them. The daughters wheren't there, an the nurse assured her that she wasn't going to drown.

Once I really began to recover from drug induced sleepyness, all the fluid they were putting into me wantted to come out. 3 bags full of fluids an the water I was drinking orally, for tablets and because it was nice an cool were taking the fast route out. Luckily nurses where happy enough to let me get up an use the loo once they wached me walk over once to make sure I didn't get dizzy or naseous. I had cooked vegies an apple pie for dinner, could have had savoury, but one was full of tarrogon the other cajun, an I didnt think that was going to agree with the cuts in the sides of my throat. Doctor visted me not long before SH* came for his evening visit. When the doctor told me that the insides where filled with green bacteria that looked a lot like toothpaste I wasvery gladI had finally pested enough to get them out.

I mostly slept soundly through the night waking for more blood pressure and oxygen tests an another IV change. It was hard to get a long sleep, as they wanted me not laying flat so that if there was blood it would just go down the back of my throat, anthe lady next to me kept crying because people wouldn't give her water (they couldn't hear her). Also needed to pee alot still. But I wasn't tired when I semi officialy woke at 5.

I had porriage fruit an yoghurt for breakfast, didn't eat it all, was semi tiring to eat it all. I got visited by the doctor just after 7 and issued with enough prescriptions to empty a chemist. The nurse un hooked me from the drip about 8 so I could have a shower, still had the canular in my arm though. I got dressed into my clothes. Nurse gave me medications to take with me, could start my own pharmacy already and SH* picked me up about 9:30

Now I home, under the careful supervision of DR SH*. Oh well should give the lap top back, feeling a little sleepy anyway.


Peter Ansell

yay!!! wifey at home again!

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