Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Pretend voyeristic god

Please my sims from left to right; Karina, Peter, Kathryn and Glen. They all started uni together. Karina studied to be a scientist; Peter to be natural scientist; Kathryn to be a chef and Glen to be a police man. They had a marvoulous time studying so they could get better chance at their chosen profession.

Some had a better times then others; for instance Kathryn was regularily know to break out in uncontrolable sobbing for no apparent reason. They tried to burn down their home twice the second of which pushed the some what difficult and grumpy Glen over the edge where he did the chicken strut tohelp him recover. He never really did recover from it though and was occasionally seen to have a realapse where he thought a bag of flour was his baby.

They did how ever graduate finally; much to my relief and have moved out into their own homes to start grown up lives of marriage, jobs, woohoo, babies and much more. Stay tuned for another update of what they get up to in their adult lives.


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